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One-Shot #3! (Preparing!)
Are you...

... a player who wants to casually "date" other DMs and players to see if your roleplaying styles mesh?
... an experienced DM who wants to try a wacky concept?
... a player who wants a break from their character and try out a wacky concept?
... a noob (like me) who wants to dip your toes into DMing without having to sustain a long-term campaign?
... a DM who wants a break from DMing and just play, but don't have the time to commit to an ongoing series?

Welcome to One Shot, where a new DM will lead players through a single session. 

This will be my first time DMing, so it might be a little bumpy, but it'll be fun. If you would like to run the next session, just PM RyanReads.

The Setting:
The town of Greenleaf is a settlement on the outskirts of the Forest Lariethan, in the Elven territory of Wan'Lirae. It is a mostly Elven town, but there is a fairly diverse population, especially considering its size (~200 people), as it's quite near a major trade route to Wan'Liraedil, a major Elven city much deeper in the forest.

Character Parameters:
- You are level six. 
- You can play as any of the 5e PHB races.
- Write in your backstory why this town matters to you, and why you are there. Perhaps your family has lived there for generations; maybe you are a traveler who frequents the Greenleaf Inn?

What system?
- 5th edition D&D.

- Roll20!

I mean, where does this take place, like, in Forgotten Realms?
- This is a homebrew world of my own creation. On that note, if your character is religious, I may discuss your choice of god with you - I am using a modified pantheon.

- TBD, but will be at least a couple weeks from now while I prepare (presuming there's interest).

How many players?
- 4

- Well, I didn't anticipate that question so go ahead and post it here.


- Name:
- Class:
- Race:
- Backstory: (include why you care about Greenleaf and why you're there)
- Personality:

Also, please fill out this survey. It will help me pick people who can all be there at the same time! The survey is in Eastern time, which is 5 hours ahead of GMT.
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@quadz08 on twitter
- Name:  Marten
- Class:  Fighter/Barbarian (he started as a fighter, narratively as a soldier, mechanically so he could get access to the TWF fighting style, but multi’d into Barbarian at level 2 and has focused on Barb levels ever since, so he’s Fighter 1/Barbarian 5.)
- Race:  (Variant) Human
- Backstory:  Marten grew up in a capital.  He’s never said where, but by the time he was old enough to make his own decisions, he’d already grown disgusted with it.  His (short) time in the military of that nation did nothing to change his mind, so after his service was up, he took his money and he left.  He lives in a small cabin about twenty minutes outside of Greenleaf now, and spends a decent amount of his time in town.  He prefers the more rustic, everyman atmosphere of a town on the outskirts a lot more than he ever did the capital, and is something of a notable figure in town thanks to an incident fending off a monster that was encroaching on the town.  …Well, it doesn’t hurt that he brews damn good beer and mead, but it’s mostly the monster thing.
- Personality:  Marten’s a good guy, but not possessed of much in the way of social graces or tact.  He’s not unaware of those things, he just generally prefers to be honest, sometimes bluntly so, than to dance around things.  He enjoys his booze, and enjoys sharing a mug or two with good friends even more.  He judges people more on what they do than what they say.  When dealing with problems, he prefers the most direct solutions, and can get frustrated with “needless bullshit”.

- Name:  Parma (elvish word for “Book”)
- Class:  Warlock
- Race:  Tiefling
- Backstory:  Parma was born to a single mother in Wan’Liraedil.  He never had the courage to ask if his father wasn’t around because he was a devil.  Though his mother’s love for him never wavered, he didn’t receive much warmth from the rest of the community.  He had few real friends growing up, and took to reading as a way of coping with the loneliness.  As he got older and proved that he wasn’t some vile fiend, some of the hostility faded, though there was always a mistrust.  This mistrust made it difficult for him to find a job for the first few years of his adulthood, but eventually he was able to gain employment working the graveyard shift at a larger library.  Despite being stuck on the graveyard shift due to no one really wanting to work with him, those he did encounter at least made the attempt to treat him equally, even if they usually failed and just ended up awkward.  All-in-all, he had a better lot than most tieflings did, and was always grateful for that.

And then one night, while taking care of some shelving that needed to be done, he stumbled on an out of place book in a section he was sure he’d already organized.  The book appeared to be a play, but strangely, there was no author attributed anywhere that he could find.  Unsure what he should do with it, he left it on his cart and continued his work, though the strange little book stuck in his mind and he couldn’t quite keep from glancing at it every so often.  On his meal break that night, he took the book with him in the hope that reading a bit of it might help him figure out what to do with it.
The play enthralled him from the first word, and he ended up an hour and a half late from his meal break because of it.  When he returned home in the morning, the book was in his bag, though he couldn’t remember putting it there.  He decided to finish reading it that day, and return it when he went back to the library that night.
That never happened.
He remembers finishing Act 1, and starting Act 2…and then nothing.  When he finally finished the play and went to sleep, his dreams were strange and terrible.  He was somewhere else, in a city with too many suns and a strangely colored lake.  He wandered this strange city until he stumbled onto a castle built at angles that didn’t seem possible, and when he entered, things only got worse.  There he spoke with a floating king in yellow robes and a strange mask, who whispered to him blasphemous secrets of the multiverse that set his mind reeling.  When he awoke, he knew things, things he shouldn’t, couldn’t possibly have known, and had gained a strange sort of arcane awareness he’d never had before.
And somewhere beyond, a king in tattered yellow rags smiled behind his pallid mask…
Exactly why he left Wan’Liraedil is something he keeps a closely guarded secret.  If pressed, he’ll admit there was an incident, though what kind and what happened he refuses to speak of.  His extreme aversion to returning hints at the possibility that he’s in some trouble there, or at the very least that leaving was not entirely of his own choosing, but beyond that, it’s a mystery.  Why he came to Greenleaf is equally mysterious, though he seems in no hurry to leave.
(What actually happened:  After a few months of slowly declining stability, he was declared insane by a group that included his very few friends and his mother.  They wanted him locked up “for his own good” and he resisted, hurt a few guards in the process, and fled the city.)
- Personality:  On the surface, Parma seems like a normal, if somewhat quiet, person.  He likes to read, and can often be found with a book and a cup of tea.  He’s well-read and highly intelligent, and has a soft spot for those society deems “unworthy”.  There is something…off about him, though.  Occasionally he’ll seem to stare at nothing, or tilt his head as if listening to something no one else can hear.  He claims to be a wizard, but never talks about where he studied or what tradition he favors.  He closely guards his “spellbook”, and can go from quietly pleasant to outright standoffish and angry if someone tries to pry into it.  His sleep is fitful and troubled, though he refuses to speak of whatever dreams he may have had.  He seems to have a severe aversion to the color yellow.  When preoccupied with something, he will occasionally trace a strange sign, over and over again, with one finger, and at times seems to be unaware of it; this sign is also on the cover of his “spellbook”.  He seems strangely fixated on a play no one has ever heard of, but refuses to speak of it to anyone unless he’s questioning them about it.  The tiny handful of people in Greenleaf that know him have been heard to say that he’s nice enough, if a bit strange, and that’s not an inaccurate description.
Hey guys - can you also fill out this survey for me? That way I can pick people who will be available at the same times and such. The survey is using Eastern time, which is currently 5 hours ahead of GMT. Thanks!
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@quadz08 on twitter
- Name: Ophelia Moonridge
- Class: Wizard
- Race: Elven (Moon Elf)

- Backstory: Growing up in the small town of Greenleaf, Ophelia never thought about a world outside of her hometown. Being the middle child, she felt she had no voice of her own and would end up working as a farmer like her father. However, she secretly yearned for a chance to leave her quiet hometown in search for adventure as she felt that she had a greater calling in life. One autumn night on the eve of her 50th year of life, Ophelia wished upon a shooting star to grant her a chance to become someone, to be someone that would change the world.

That night as she slept, she had a dream that would change the course of her life, forever. In this dream, she saw a world that was thriving peacefully until a great evil rose up and tried to envelop it into eternal darkness and chaos. Luckily, a group of heroes was able to bring down this evil and sealed it away for centuries. However, this evil has been stirring and biding its time, waiting for the right moment to unleash chaos onto the world once again. The shadows have been restless and they have been slowly making there way into the cities and towns, infecting political leaders and townspeople alike, filling their minds with the negativity and evil that will feed the all-powerful evil being and bring it back to full power. Awakening from her dream, Ophelia had only one thought. She needed to find out what this great evil was and find a way to stop it before the world broke out into darkness.

After discussing with her family, her older sister recommended a wizard's university that would be most suited for her needs. Luckily her sister worked as a high-ranking professor there and could gather written support for her attendance. With that, Ophelia's simple life was stripped away and she would spend the next 100 years of her life devoted to spell memorization and divining lessons from the world's greatest sages. After graduation as valedictorian of the School of Divination, Ophelia accepted an offer to work with Oculus, one of the major divination groups that works in learning about the "great evil" and stopping it from resurrecting. Under the wing of Professor StarSwirl the Bearded, Ophelia began to channel and gather her divination powers and use them to piece together the fragments of history surrounding the "great evil".

She has currently returned home on vacation to Greenleaf to visit family and friends and to attend her older brother's wedding.

- Personality: Despite her studious nature, she is cheerful and adventurous. Her thirst for knowledge drives her to seek out new lands and people in order to gain a fuller understanding of the great evil and ways to prevent it's revival. She tends to act motherly as she helped raise her two younger siblings and is willing to put herself in harm's way to protect her friends and traveling companions.
I have a response in the poll, but no post in thread, from Freelancer. Freelancer, if you want to play, please post your character information here!
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@quadz08 on twitter
- Name: Norin Goldleaf
- Class: Warlock (Undying Light)
- Race: Half-Elf
- Backstory: Norin is a wanderer. Born to a human woman, he has lived his life on the road, traveling with a caravan of merchants and entertainers. His mother often spoke of the village of Greenleaf, where she and his father had met. The troupe had settled in there for the winter, where she met a local hunter. The two had spent every moment possible together, but when the spring thaw came, she chose to follow her calling on the road, while he remained behind to serve his duty. She discovered she was pregnant a few weeks after leaving, and began a long correspondence with Norin's father. The family would spend time together in Greenleaf whenever they passed through, and Norin developed a strong sense of duty.

As a teenager, he had gone out with his father on a hunt. In the wilds, the pair discovered a long-forgotten temple. When they stepped into the main hall, the floor collapsed beneath Norin, and he fell into an underground lake far below. He was forced to swim and walk for three days in complete darkness. On the third day, he made a promise to bring light to places like the cave, so that no one would ever have to suffer as he did. As he spoke this out loud, a mote of light appeared, and led him back to the surface.

Norin left the village the next day, heading for the city of Wan'Lirae. He had hoped to find the truth of what had led him out of the Dark, and why the Light had chosen to save him. He spent several years in the city, studying with Wizards and Clerics, each time being disappointed when they couldn't give him what he sought. Eventually, he heard rumours of a Sage in a city far away who studied the Light, and set out on a journey to find him. As he traveled, he found himself able to perform great feats of magic, and began to practice.

At the end of his journey, Norin found himself faced with an awful truth. The Sage he had set out to find was in fact a Necromancer, who claimed to wield the Light of Creation for himself. Norin fought the necromancer, and claimed victory on behalf of the Light. He began his journey back to Greenleaf that day, armed with a new mission: to prevent the Light from being manipulated, and to bring Light to agents of the Dark.

- Personality: Norin is obsessed with the Light. He carries a glowing white crystal around his neck at all times, and becomes visibly uncomfortable in enclosed spaces. Norin is an inquisitive personality, and can become evangelical when the idea of the Light enters into conversation (often brought up by him). He is quick to compliment others, and prefers to work with others towards a goal.
Name: Bree Underbough
Race: Lightfoot Halfling
Class: Bard

Bree's father is a sailor/captain who is on the waters most of the time. Bree was being raised by her mother, who passed from an illness when Bree was 8 and so her father ended up taking her to sea with him.

Bree has an affinity for music and soon found she could help heal the crew and lift their spirits with her music. Now that she's older her father feels she needs to get out and see the world on her own terms and meet more people than just sailors. So, Bree is on a journey of self discovery.

Bree is a bit unsure of herself around ordinary people after spending so much time aboard ship and in the company of sailors who protectively tried to keep her away from people. She is generally sweet-natured and kind-hearted and likes to help people. She isn't generally troubled by laws - if something seems like the right thing to do, she's all for it, even if it isn't strictly legal. She's not a troublemaker by any stretch of the imagination, but she is a bit rough around the edges, having been raised mostly by sailors. She loves her flute which belonged to her mother. She feels that when she plays her flute, she is communicating with her mother and that makes her feel happy.

Soon after disembarking, Bree heard of a town called Greenleaf. She thought this sounded like the most beautiful place in the world and so she headed there figuring she could earn herself a few coins there by playing her flute.

Bree has a distrust of people in power. She feels that they let her mother die when they could have helped save her. She's also not a big fan of manual labour and will try to get out of it if she can.
I need some more folks to apply! Still don't have a foursome all at the same time. Smiling
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@quadz08 on twitter
- Name: Garrick Rosenlor (The Blue Arrow)
- Class: Ranger
- Race: Human

- Backstory: Garrick grew up the only child to the crowned King and Queen of Ravenhold. His parents were the nicest people and did all they could for Kingdom. Garrick was always right beside his parents during all the good and bad times. He always grew up wanting to walk in his parent's shoes and take his place as King when his Father died. Unfortunately, that day did not happen. When Garrick was 15 the Embermine's, a rival Dwarven family, took arms and stormed the castle with plans to overthrough his parents and take control of the land. Unfortunately for the Rosenlor's, the Embermine's sought outside help and easily overtook Ravenhold's army. They took prisoners and killed most of the population. Garrick's parents were executed in front of all the civilians that remain. Luckily, for Garrick, the Embermine's didn't know of his training.

By the age of 12 Garrick had become a very skilled marksman. He was trained by the best the kingdom could offer and took his training seriously. As the Embermine's took over Ravenhold Garrick mounted a small single force against them. He managed to kill the general from on high in the castle, but was wounded by an explosion from one of the Embermine's hired wizards. He fled the castle in defeat and found shelter inside an abandoned smithy. After bandaging his wounds he decided that staying in the building and out of the eye of hire help would be in his best interest.

Once the battle and the commotion had subsided Garrick took what he could from the smithy and fled for the forest. It was there that he set up a makeshift camp and he started to create his new life. He needed to get his land back from the Endermine's and to do so he needed to be someone else. He needed to to be as unlike himself as possible. He used some Damascus Steel to create strong arrows for himself and used leather, which he dyed blue, to make a suit of leather armor that was now a dark blue/navy color. Realizing he needed to disguise himself he took some cloth and, with the help from more of that die, he made a blue cloak so that he could cover his face and head. To further disguise himself he took some blueberry and mud mixture and smeared it over his face near his eyes.

For the next 5 years he did what he could to make the land he grew up in a safe place for the people still living there. At that point, he heard that the person who was in charge of the people the Endermine's hired lived in a nearby settlement called Greenleaf. He swore that he would find who it was and make them pay for killing his parents.

- Personality: Garrick is slow to trust someone, but overall a kind person. He knows vengeance, but do not mistake his need for vengeance for being self-absorbed or for being a ruthless person. He wants to do right and will do whatever he can to do that.
Yes it is.
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