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Leahcim the Learned an Evolution of an NPC.

I really don't know where else to put this and like most DM Nerds I think its neat and want to Share.

The name 'Leahcim' was given to me in the Greyhawk chatroom (greytalk) by several of the older Greyhawkers (including Gary Holian who wrote alot of the Living Greyhawk setting information) who found my knowledge of all things Greyhawk impressive.  So they 'Gygaxed' my name (It's Michael btw) and it became Leahcim.  Mystic Scholar quickly added 'the Learned' and thus was born a Greyhawk Sage.

I used him in two greyhawk campaigns as a sage skilled in all things lower planar with specializations in demonic and a nerdish 'fanboi' focus on Iggwilv  (You young'ns look it up yer on the internet  Winking ).  The parties went to him several times and I used him in an ICly written article for Oerth Journal (Not sure if they've ever gotten around to publishing issue 28 or not) about a Daughter of Iggwilv currently in Ket.

As I am oft wont to do I left Greyhawk behind for worlds of my own creation and I tugged Leahcim along using him here and there as a Sage NPC sometimes just as the author of a work the players found.  In my head I wrote and added to his background.  He was never native to Greyhawk instead being a Planes-walker who traveled to various worlds writing 'travelogues' about them often with the addition of maps on the various regions and thus he became the Cartographer for the maps I make.

Then came Critical Role.  When I registered I found most of my usual Nicknames taken so decided on a whim to use 'LeahcimtheLearned' and it took!

Falling in love with the show I almost immediately tweeted Matt Mercer about a map of the regions they were in.  He told me he had them and would post them later... well Matt being Matt later was very later so I mentioned in a Tweet that I drew maps and linked him my portfolio.  I told him I would do one for him.  He really liked my maps and eventually we started emailing and I got a scratch map of Taldorei to work with. About 20 hours of work later (with several interim WIP maps sent to him for his approval) Taldorei in my style was born!  (He posted the map link in his drop box on his twitter)  I added in the legend 'As drawn by the Emon Explorers Society' but in my mind that was Leahcim.

 Leahcim features in several half-written fan fictions involving Vox Machina and Emon. Mostly there to ensure Vox Machina remain untouched by those that would interfere from the shadows.  He retains his knowledge of the Lower Planes and is quite concerned about Percival (I called him being a gunlock first so Leahcim knew all along *nods sagely*) suspecting the identity of his 'Patron'.  He knew Vax'ildan and Vexalia's mother and safeguards her secrets, employs one of Percy's remaining cousins (Tristan) as his manservant, is the guardian to Keyleth's half-sister Harmoni and was instrumental in eliminating a cadre of spies and agents of the Briarwoods in Emon including Lady Blackmire, a powerful Vampiric arcane trickster  (All in half-finished stories of my own creation of course).

So...  Where's this going?   Well it's gone to a new campaign that I MIGHT be running at a real table (Not online) with actual PEOPLE!!  O...M...G!!!!  So I've  ported Leahcim into the setting. One more move for our plane-hopping sage.  I did feel however I needed to share his growth and the Emon Version of him (Sans stats of course).

Leahcim the Learned: (his name is pronounced lee-KIM)  Is a human male of indeterminable origins. While not appearing old he has an ageless quality and speaks in the manner of an academician. Physically he stands just shy of 6' tall with a slender build with silver hair and eyes.  While he occasionally wears robes befitting his station as a sage he most regularly dresses in a manner of a victorian sporting gentleman  (IE picture John Roxton from Arthur Conan Doyle's Lost World).  While his knowledge is vast and his interests varied he focuses on the Lower Planes and its denizens.   He is a Sage and has knowledge in things both arcane and divine capable of casting spells from both lists (Which makes him difficult to create crunch wise as I am loathe to use multiclassing).  He does not however normally make use of powerful damaging spells preferring instead the spells of lore and learning. While he shares (often for a fee though rarely for mere coin) his knowledge with many he is careful not to alter the flow of fate too drastically.  "Great men and women are forged in fire, it is the task of lesser men to light the flame."

In Emon he is allied with numerous influential people and organizations including the Emon Explorers Society, Aluria, Gilmore and the church of Sarenrae.  He is known for his regional cuisine books and is a restaurant critic of some note.

His current Retinue consists of: Hung (His personal Chef, a Dwarf with a Mongolian accent), Tristan Reinhardt Von Musel Klossowski De Rolo (His Manservant, a human and cousin of Percy), and Cadeyrn (His stable-master, a Halfling wearing a kilt and has a Scottish accent, his personal mount is a giant pine marten named 'Pip'). They see to the day-to-day running of his household. (the address of which is ALWAYS '313 Temple Way')

He is the guardian of two young women, Harmoni (A half-elf, the half-sister of Keyleth by her mother) and Diatora (A tiefling warlock who has taken an interest in Vex to the point of impersonating her and trading on her reputation. Leahcim frowns on this but does find it amusing though he is considering sending her off to another plane to an ally of his to further her worldly education.)

His residence is always nestled among large cathedrals but is itself sprawling among the larger temples.  He has a massive library, a large greenhouse/botanical garden, more than one trophy room/museum but almost always meets guests in his study with two bay windows, one always looking out on to a majestic mountain valley with snow-capped peaks surrounding it.  He claims it is an illusory conceit, the picture of his home village crafted by a dear friend.

He is and can be a wonderful source of information for a party, a reoccurring NPC, a figure in a background story, etc...

I offer him here in a fit of Nerdish glee to any and all DMs, Fan-fiction writers and players, Critters one and all who wish to make use of my beloved alter ego in their games and offerings to the Emon Library. All I ask is you drop me a note as to your use of him and how the players like or dislike him.  Help the story of Leahcim grow into the worlds of which I know not and always remember these words of wisdom from the Learned One...

"There are questions that you must never answer for you may not know who is asking them." -Leahcim the Learned

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