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Rorin's 3.5e Adventures and Whatnot
SO I am in a 3.5e campaign with my wife, metamour, his brother, and a friend of ours. My metamour is the DM. I play Rorin, a dwarven druid exiled from his home due to basically having argued to do SLOW THE HELL DOWN WITH THE MINING after there was a volcanic eruption that did some non-trivial damage to the my town and killed my mother and a bunch of other folks. I became a druid after being exiled and living in the woods with my pet monstrous spider, Knid.

The campaign thus far has been generally non-eventful. It's set in the Forgotten Realms setting, and we've run into what appears to be a rogue faction of Red Wizards. In the session we just finished up tonight, we got back to our little town / home base to find that it had been put to the torch and ransacked. We aren't sure if it's a vengeful attack on us, or if it's just a generally supply-stealing run, but it definitely appears that some group of wizards (maybe Red Wizards?) and the goblins in the region have banded together. We know they're about to attack my hometown, and I am just SUPER NOT-EXCITED TO GO BACK.

Will keep you posted as things move on, we usually play once a week on Tuesday nights. *fast breathing*
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Uh oh, what did Rorin do to not want to go back home? lol
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All of that is from backstory. Basically, after the eruption, Rorin argued strongly for making changes to how mining was done - primarily, slowing it down, expanding the economic basis of the city so that it didn't depend so much on just mining, etc. He's motivated by a desire to keep both people and the earth itself safe from harm - continuing to basically stripmine through the mountain isn't sustainable, in his eyes.

These arguments were not taken well but most other in the city, including most of the leadership. Rorin had his sympathizers and allies, but he's not a particular effective politicker. He tends to be abrasive, loud, and exceptionally stubborn, and that's not generally helpful when making major culture changes. Once my father died (older and in failing health ever since my mother died in the eruption), I wasn't tolerated for much longer. I was stripped of my clan name and effectively booted from the city - my "lack of respect for tradition" wasn't welcome any longer. I lived alone in the woods with my spider for a long time, before falling in with the group of adventurers I'm with now.
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So we had another session last night!

We made our way to Citadel Fellbar (my hometown) without incident. Upon arrival, we were let in, despite some reservations from the guards (as one of them recognized me), as we had Important News to share. We were given rooms for one night before our audience with the king.

As we needed dinner, we made our way to the tavern that once belonged to my father (now dead). While there, I got into a barfight with another dwarf who wasn't excited to see me back. I got destroyed, it wasn't even close - I have a STR mod of 0, and we were bareknuckling it, and I think I rolled a 2 or 3 like 7 times. >_>

That night, our elven cleric had a vision from Corellan Lariethan, confirming our suspicions - some alliance has been made between the goblins/orcs and some group of Red Wizards. We had an audience the next day with the King of Fellbar, and he informed us that his clerics have been getting similar visions. With his blessing (and a soon-to-be-determined dwarven envoy), we will be traveling the nearby lands in the hopes of recruiting some of the more well-known fighting forces, as well as try to capitalize on our good relationship with some of the none-assholey Red Wizards in the area. Should be interesting to see where this goes, I think.
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