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What do you think?
I'm DMing a session tonight and had an idea to spice it up a little, but I would love some feedback from you all. The party will possibly try and infiltrate an orc encampment at some point, and I got an idea from a geek&sundry program featuring a game called Fear which used jenga to add tension. I hate to see a carefully laid plan fail because of one players bad role. It's never that players fault, though they often get the blame.

My idea is to make all the stealth checks have a group average DC of 13 (18 if on alert). Then the party have to remove a block from the tower for each two points under the DC they get, up to a maximum of 6 per check. If the tower falls the party are spotted and an encounter starts. 

I'm trying to add suspense to sneaking around, without the horrible natural one spoiling the fun for everyone. But I fear it may be taking too much away from the natural chance the dice represent. Please let me know what you think.
First note - the game is called Dread. Smiling

I'd be a bit concerned that it would take too much time, not to mention that it will almost certainly take several failed rolls to knock the tower over. I personally like the way Mercer does group checks - +1 for a success, -1 for a fail; Nat20s are +2 and Nat1s are -2; if you end up with more successes than fails, the group succeeds.

Your suggestion is maybe good as an addition to that system - you can fail instantly by groupfailing a single check, or enough failures over time knocks over the tower and you've just been too generally unstealthy to get away with it?
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(11-02-2015, 09:34 AM)quadz08 Wrote: First note - the game is called Dread. Smiling

Thanks buddy, I knew it was something like that ;-) I tried the idea out and it worked well enough, though if the party was any bigger it would have taken too long. I probably wont use it again as it distracted from the game a little, and it was tough to keep the narrative exciting when one person took ages to take a block.
Good to know how it ended up. Smiling
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