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Valendor - Community Input
Hey everyone Valendor is going to be starting soon.

So I am starting this thread to post about chances for the community to put some input into the game. If you are interested keep an eye out for future posts asking for your help in populating the world.

Thanks for all the interest.
~Mental - DM
Ok everyone here it is. The first community input for Valendor. I am looking for inspiration on a rival team the Valendor party will be competing against. This team is not intended to be a combat encounter, more along the lines of another team trying to accomplish a goal before our very own players can. I will look at the submissions I recieve and may use some, all, or none of them as I think will fit best in the story. I may also mix amd match different ideas submitted. So feel free to join in by filling out the following.

Please please please be brief. I do not need a seven page story on each character. Short descriptions are what I'm looking for.

Also... Valendor players are not allowed to participate. Sorry guys, you can't pick your rivals.

Team name:

Each team must have between 4-6 members.

For each member please provide the following. (BE BRIEF)




Short phsyical description:

Short personality description:
~Mental - DM
So excited to see what people come up with!
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This is so cool!

Visit the Valendor Wiki to learn more about the world or the characters in the party!
Do you want this sent in the thread, or via PM?
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Up to you. In the thread is fine so anyone can join the discussion.
~Mental - DM
In my thinking, since they're our character's rivals their identities wouldn't be a secret.
Yeah no need to keep it secret.
~Mental - DM
this is a lot of brainpower, I will get something down here I swear
DMing a game being streamed on Mondays at 8 PM Eastern! COME WATCH!
@quadz08 on twitter
I'm presuming this is to collect a magical item/defeat the evil menace sort of thing? If so here's quick mock up.

Team name: I'm no good at making team names.

Pennum Longhill (nickname-Jester), male gnome rogue trickster. Pennum uses his sick sense of humour to amuse himself and only himself. He often pranks his fellow teammates, which has almost gotten him killed on several occasions. He has only one eye, the other he lost when he levitated Baeloth onto the coals of the campfire one night.

Baeloth Grimfang (nickname-Smiles), male half-orc barbarian. During a particularly vicious tavern brawl one night Baeloth was hit on the head with a very large piece of furniture. Ever since his face has locked into an intense grin, even when sleeping. Baeloth doesn't mind too much, as most people misread his temperament and never see his fists coming.

Aenwyn Mith'ural (nickname- no-one would dare) female high-elf sorcerer. With a temperament so cold she has to sit away from open flames, Aenwyn is the only person Pennum won't dare prank. Her demeanour cowes even nobles and when something displeases her, it doesn't exist for long. She leads this group in all things but combat.

Moash Freyson (nickname-Looks) male human ranger. Moash was borne with a terrible hunch and disfigured face, and was abandoned in the forest at a young age. One day while trying to survive he noticed a hunting party torn apart by wolfs. After the wolfs left he snuck up to the corpses and took a bow, which he quickly found he had a natural talent with. His twisted back allows him to aim and fire with unnatural precision.

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