Poll: What do you do?
Graphic Designer
Service Industry
Nothing. I'm canal-rich.
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What do you do?
My job sounds cool but ultimately is incredibly boring,

I'm a palletiser operator, essentially I stand in a spot watching bottles on a conveyor belt, and pushing buttons.
However I'm saving up to pay for college to be a game designer.

so yeah.
I put tech because my day job is IT, but I also am an actor/entertainer which wasn't an option.
I work at a Credit Union. Basically technical and billing support. Been in IT and phone support for a long while.
Columnist, reviewer and site editor for an independent pop culture website.
Welcome to all you new folks!
Animation student. Main reason why I've had this account for months and never posted.
There do seem to be a lot of very talented and artistic Critters out there, whether it's painting, drawing, graphics, music, fiction, acting, etc.

Sadly, I'm not one of them.  Unhappy I'm jealous.

I'm currently a bookkeeper and previously a night auditor in a hotel.

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