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(10-27-2015, 02:33 PM)Esteed789 Wrote: I'd love to apply.  Are you okay with people who are in other games applying, or do you want to keep this to people who aren't already in other games?

Everyone is welcome to apply
Personal Twitter: Locke_and_Load
Campaign Twitter: ValendorDnD
Character Twitter: SkylatheRanger
Gotcha, thanks.  In that case, I have three character ideas.  I have absolutely no preference, I think they'd all be fun to play, so here they are:

Name, age, time zone:
Jerry, 29, EST

Characters name, race, and class:  Quiet.  Real name Bevil, though he doesn’t respond to it.  Air genasi Rogue.
A brief backstory(try to keep it under a paragraph)Quiet has been in the local thieves guild for almost as long as he can remember.  Born to a poor, single mother who was a one-time adventurer and failed warlock.  She was hoping to pact with a djinn, but the air spirit simply used her and tossed her away when he was done with her.  Unbeknownst to either of them, she was with child, and 9 months later, little Bevil was born.  His mother did love him, after a fashion, but the circumstances of his conception left her with mixed emotions about the pale blue skinned skamp that reminded her so much of the thing that tossed her away like garbage.  These mixed emotions led to a…strained relationship with her boy, who was often left on his own and neglected while she threw herself into whatever work or fun she could find and told herself she was doing right by him.  A loneliness and bitterness developed in Bevil, and he began looking for family elsewhere.  He found it, too:  In the shadowy guild of thieves.  Growing up with them, he quickly made a name for himself as a capable sneak and someone more than willing to help the guild handle those it became unhappy with.  He took the name Quiet upon his “graduation” from training, and has been going by it ever since.
A brief description of their personality, flaws, and what drives them:  Quiet is a bundle of carefree energy…or so he seems.  Outwardly, he seems carefree, impulsive, jovial, and perhaps a little selfish, with little concern for ideals one way or the other.  Behind those carefree smiles and jokes, though, is a deep anger at the world, one he occasionally betrays by being slightly too eager for violence.  He’s very boastful, and those that know him well get the sense he feels a need to prove himself.  Money is his central motivator, though he’s strangely reluctant to reveal what he does with his often ill-gotten gains.  Secretly, he sends a chunk of most paydays back to his mother.  He has no problem working with others, as some of his best heists with the guild have been working with others.  Those he does care for, he’ll go to the moon and back for.

Notes:  I know this doesn’t sound like he’d play all that well with a bunch of more heroically minded folks, but my idea for an arc for him, should I get accepted, would be to take him from Chaotic Neutral to Lawful Neutral, representing him letting go of some of his issues and developing a personal code of honor.  And he actually does value true friendship, even if he sometimes doesn’t trust it right away.

Characters name, race, and class:  Adran Amakiir, either Eladrin or High Elf (Eladrin preferred) Wizard
A brief backstory(try to keep it under a paragraph)Adran Amakiir is the son of an academic, and when he showed aptitude for magic, his parents sent him to wherever they’d send him in your world for training.  He preferred books and scrolls to having fun with friends, and has developed into a studious, logical, some would say overly cautious wizard.  He was particularly interested in diviniation magic, and studies it more intensely than he does other forms.
A brief description of their personality, flaws, and what drives them:  Adran loves to read.  Half of his luggage when traveling are probably books, both of the nonfiction and fiction variety.  He loves to learn, and respects thoughtfulness and intelligence.  He’s a bit socially awkward, and he can be overcautious and over analytical, sometimes leading to hesitating when he should be taking action.


Characters name, race, and class:  Carric Brightwood, Half-Elf, Sorcerer
A brief backstory(try to keep it under a paragraph)Son of a former adventurer granted nobility for her heroic deeds.  She was (unknowingly) pregnant during her last adventure, where she spent some time on the elemental planes.  This exposure imparted the tempestuousness of the storm to her unborn child.  Growing up good-hearted but brash, impulsive, and prone to moodiness, it’s no surprise that Carric channels the fury of the storm into his magic.
A brief description of their personality, flaws, and what drives them:  He’s very brash and impulsive, and has a tendency toward moodiness and mood swings.  His anger is furious, but his joy is equally so.  He does things 110% or not at all.  He does have a tendency to enjoy himself a bit too much and is a bit of a flirt.  He’s driven by a need to get out from under his mother’s shadow and do his own heroic deeds.
I'm looking at starting mid to late November, just a heads up!
Personal Twitter: Locke_and_Load
Campaign Twitter: ValendorDnD
Character Twitter: SkylatheRanger
Can't wait Smiling hope to make the cut if there is one!
Name, age, time zone:
Patrick, 22, CDT

Hey I'm currently in another campaign, but I have a good amount of free time to fit in another, and the premise to this one sounds fun!

Characters name, race, and class: Garm "Bonebreaker" Mutali. Goliath Barbarian
Brief Backstory: Garm was taken from his tribe at a young age, captured by roving slavers and sold at an auction at the age of 12. Garm was large even for his kind, and was deemed to be a perfect fit for fighting in the gladiatorial pits. He was forced to adapt to this rough lifestyle, and built up a persona of being a a wild fighter who was obsessed with always putting on a good show.  Even after eventually escaping, Garm still feels the compulsion to do everything with flair, as if the crowd still follows him even out of the ring. While Garm despises his life as a slave, he can't help but get his tribal past and celebrity personality mixed up.

A brief description of their personality, flaws, and what drives them: Garm is certainly upfront and a showoff, but worries constantly about his image.  This tends to make him back off quickly when confronted with criticism, as his usual opponents use axes instead of words.  Garm is also obsessed with gathering as many titles as he can, often coining them himself. His devotion to flair can sometimes make him blind to the harm and danger of his actions, but Garm is ultimately a good person who likes to play the hero.  While Garm is certainly looking for a challenge to overcome to increase his fame, his bravery can sometimes be shown to only be a front.  Garm seeks titles and fame because they were ingrained into him at a young age as to be his only method of survival, and perhaps if his name was heard widely enough, even his old tribe would hear of him and they could reunite at last. Garm also has a habit of talking in the third person....
David, 20, Eastern (GMT -5)

Ryadin, Human, Monk
Alone and cold, Ryadin was found and named by the monks of Bahamut that found him in the mountains. He was named after the famous warrior of Bahamut before him because they were told he would be found in the mountains by a prophecy in an ancient text. He doesnt remember how he got there or anything prior to the week of misery he lived in the snow before they found him at the age of 7.
His entire life he was trained for one purpose, to fulfill his place under the wing of the deity Bahamut. His teachers believed beyond all else that Ryadin was destined for something great as he was the only person that was directly mentioned in the scripts.
The so-called prodigy was sent out by the monks to seek his purpose at the age of 22 and he hasnt found much beyond the misery of the storms.

Sure that his purpose is to right the balance of the world he searches for those that would dare use blood magic to make a pact with the gods of the lower planes; Those known as Tieflings. Those that are simply relatives of the sinners he is loathe to kill without reason but woe to them that has had direct dealings with the devils. He is staunch in his faith and while he normally would hesitate to take a life there is no regret in his eyes as he beats down blood magic users. Constantly poor because of his habit of giving all that he has to those in more need he travels the country with not much more but what he needs to fight and the clothes on his back.

I got recommended your campaign by one of my players (Katelin). Heard good things so I am hoping I make it Smiling
My wife and I are looking for a game.  We're a package deal.

Name, age, time zone: Michael C, 46, Central Time
Characters name, race, and class: Roger La Vache, Half Elf, Paladin
A brief backstoryRoger (Ro-jee) La Vache (vaa-sh) is the acknowledged illegitimate firstborn son of a minor vavosour under an equally minor barony in a nondescript peaceful pastoral duchy. 

While acknowledged by his father, his elven heritage made him persona-non-gratis at court and as a boy Roger was shipped off to squire for an elvish Knight Paladin. At 26, Roger returned home after receiving word that his father had taken ill.  Rather than force a secession scandal, Roger agreed to accept a knighthood and leave the realms to seek fortune and status elsewhere. 

While not entirely satisfied with his de facto banishment, the ever-pragmatic Roger also saw this as an opportunity to make a name for himself and climb the ranks of the nobility.  His time with the Knight Paladin gave him a taste for both adventure and politics.  He now typically travels with his squire (and youngest brother) Gerard and the wandering bard Felicity Fiddlesticks looking for opportunities to gain a little fame, advance his station, and perhaps do a little good (pretty much in that order).

Name, age, time zone: Amy C, 40, Central Time
[b]Characters name, race, and class: Felicity Fiddlesticks, Halfling, Bard
A brief backstory
:[/b]Felicity Fiddlesticks was born and raised in Butterbrook, a quiet and quaint vale in the La Vache holdings.  Her family were luthiers and known for crafting very fine lutes and other stringed instruments.  While she enjoyed the simple life of a tradesperson, she longed for more - to actually use the instruments her family created and sing songs to inspire people.  Felicity wanted to be a Bard.

Though she knew little about the bardic life, she knew one thing: she needed a muse.  She needed adventures to sing about, heroes to praise, villains to despise.  Most of all, she needed to see what life was like outside of the peaceful vale in which she had spent her entire life.  Upon hearing that Roger La Vache, son of the local baron (and her childhood friend) was heading out to seek fame and fortune as a knight, she decided this was her chance!  Roger was initially less than thrilled to have an extra 30 pound burden added to his responsibility.  Felicity, however, quickly proved herself a useful asset as both ambassador: a halfling can make friends in the most unlikely of places, and as a resource: a talented bard can make a living anywhere there is an audience!
Name, age, time zone:
Michael R. 50 EST

Characters name, race, and class:  Solomon Frost, Half-Orc, Fighter
A brief backstory(try to keep it under a paragraph): "The Name's Frost, Solomon Frost. I understand you have a problem. I solve Problems."  Solomon was conceived in the typical manner, during an Orcish Raid on a Border Keep.  His mother Miranda Abigail Vos-Cranden, ended the life of his father when he grew too careless and left his sword within her reach.  (His head graces the mantle of the family fireplace) She refused to terminate the pregnancy saying that Vos-Cranden blood was also in the babe's veins and that was what counted. When he was old enough to understand Solomon was educated by his mother and taught the art of warfare by his grandfather (Baron Heinrick Belker Vos-Cranden).  He inherited his mothers love of books and learned the histories and stories of his family as well as the sciences of the times.  The Baron schooled him to use his mind and not just his brawn in battle. When he came of age he refused to take his family name claiming that if his orcish blood didn't make him who he was then so to could be said of the Vos-Cranden blood.  Instead he took the name of bastard children of the border, Frost and set out to prove himself worthy of his family name and earn a place as a protector of the land and its people.
A brief description of their personality, flaws, and what drives them:  Solomon exists to prove himself to be more than the sum total of his blood. Gruff and filled with menace, this is little more than a pose meant to keep people at arms length.  You can't disappoint people if they don't expect much from you to begin with.  He loathes retreating from a challenge but uses his head to keep from being suicidal. He will be the last to leave the field, the first to take it, the first to turn healing aside to another and will rarely acknowledge his own needs be it for healing, sleep, food or otherwise.  He has a love of books and reads as often as he can, always having at least one book with him even in the field.  He writes of the regions he travels through recording its people, their traditions, cultural dishes and practices.

((Alas I am somewhat verbose and ramble.))
Player Name, Age, Time Zone: Ryan, 31, Central.
Character's Name, Race, Class: Durt Moldvein, Deep Gnome, Wizard
Backstory: Life in the deep dark is often brutal and brief. Marauding drow, lumbering monsters, bottomless pits, poisonous spores... The deep dark has always been abundant with danger. Yet, despite all of these horrors, the deep gnomes have managed to survive. That is, until about half a century ago, when the storms came. 

The magical tempests shook the earth to its core. Long dormant floes of liquid magma began to swell up from the heart of the world, drowning many ancient svirfneblin cities in fire and ash. Violent tremors cracked the earth and swallowed civilizations whole. Some of the surviving deep gnomes fled to the surface, hoping to escape the terrors in the dark. Among them, Durt Moldvein.

Personality, Flaws, Motivation: Durt has lived in the deep dark his entire life. He's witnessed death so much and so often he has come to accept its inevitability, because, like most other deep gnomes, he used to believe that there was always hope, that there would always be survivors to carry on, that the deep gnomes would endure. 

Since the deep storms began, this hope became harder to hold. Today, Durt is at the breaking point and desperate to believe he can make a difference to stop these storms. 

Due to his life experiences, Durt is paranoid, pragmatic, slow to trust, and quick to act if survival is in question. While he is slower at developing emotional attachments perhaps than others, he knows that survival depends on those you surround yourself with and will protect others in his party as if their lives were his own... Because they most often are.
Character's name, race, and class : Barnaby Valoris Wickes, Half-Elf, Warlock

A brief backstory : The youngest of three siblings, Barnaby was yet another addition to the long lineage of the family name. As tradition for the magically innate Wickes, Barnaby was a student in a prestigious Wizarding school, of which both his parents were accomplished professors. 
Unlike his siblings who excelled in every field and task, Barnaby never managed to grasp the intricate studies of spellcraft.
While his fellow students would diligently pore over spell tomes and ancient scrolls, Barnaby would sneak off into the city under disguise and conduct erratic experiments and novice illusions, sometimes on unsuspecting subjects.
On a particular stormy night, one of Barnaby's magical projects had an unexpected outcome. He would wake up the next day on the edge of the school grounds, with a dark memory of the past night, filled with a power and knowledge he had once never been able to learn. 
While he was indifferent to the chaos and destruction the storms have brought throughout his life, Barnaby grew an insatiable interest in the powers of the anomalies, perhaps even of the entities and forces responsible. 
To the surprise of many, Barnaby had an inexplicably successful and accomplished graduation. Goaded by his new arcane abilities and clouded motives, Barnaby set off with a personal task of discovering the cause of the unnatural phenomenas.  

A brief description of their personality, flaws, and what drives them : Barnaby spent the majority of his life overshadowed by his classmates and particularly his siblings. He would deal with his deficits often by creating elaborate lies and false personas and attempt to fool complete strangers. Because of this, he learned to manipulate the front he shows the world in order to suit his needs.
Barnaby has great pride in his tricks and schemes. The overconfidence from this has often blinded him from the dishonesty and fraud of others, thinking he is not one to possibly be deceived.
While never showing any care that he had a lower aptitude then expected for a Wickes, Barnaby has always been subconscious of dirtying the family name and has occasionally dreamt of distinguishing himself with a feat of magnitude.

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