Poll: What do you do?
Graphic Designer
Service Industry
Nothing. I'm canal-rich.
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What do you do?
Of the 7 individuals involved in Valendor game led by mentalburnout,  three are graphic designers. That seems a bit above the mean. So now I'm curious as to what the average Critter does for a living. 

If one of these options doesn't apply, I think I can edit in more later. We'll see. you'll just have to imagine what it would be like if I included it.

Book Keeper: 1
Consultant: 1
BADASS window cleaner: 1
There do seem to be a lot of very talented and artistic Critters out there, whether it's painting, drawing, graphics, music, fiction, acting, etc.

Sadly, I'm not one of them. Unhappy I'm jealous.

I'm currently a bookkeeper and previously a night auditor in a hotel.
I put down Tech, even though that's only sort of true

I'm more of a business consultant who focuses on tech solutions I guess?
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A boring window cleaner. Though having a job that allows me to spend the day thinking about and developing my campaigns is pretty neat.
I'm currently unemployed! Sads
Typically I do Office Admin stuff, office manager/receptionist/admin assistant etc
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I'm the first student? This should give me an automatic A in everything this semester. Or at least a festive hat.
Uh hmm let's see. I do graphic art, logo design, sign work, and engraving. Then I also do a wide range of photography stuff, portraits and sports mostly I guess. Then I also do, painting, woodworking, custom handmade items usually. Then I also do carpentry, and custom paint work in the contractor side of things..... Thats the tip of the iceberg without going into to much detail I guess.
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It appears I'm the second student, I'm aiming to teach English overseas.
I'm also a student, final year of my BSc in Physics and Astrononmy.
I'm a truck driver

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