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Kastos the rogue
So i joined an online group on fantasy grounds a couple months ago & its going great I'm playing as the Dragonborn rogue Kastos. He's a bronze scaled runt of the clutch ;standing 5'9" & weighing in at a measly 160 lbs, presumed abandoned by his family(but maybe not) while they traveled through Luskan. He had an encounter when he was around 16 where he ended up in a fight with a competing pickpocket leaving the young human dead in an alley. He was tracked down a few weeks later by the boys father who ran a small network of thieves & demanded he repay him for the loss of revenue; completely callous to the fact it was his son. He spent his time learning what he could as a pickpocket but never quite excelled like the others & took to the more physical jobs the larger guilds dispensed to the lowest levels. Wanting to prove himself as capable a killer as the hulking brute you would instinctively fear in a dark alley. What he would give to become the most feared blade among thieves is a question he asks himself. Being a hired blade though he only takes jobs where the target is capable of defending themselves, he is not a merciless killer.

With that back story though throughout the Homebrew campaign i joined I started with them while they were midway through the Lost Mines of Phandelver as a captive of the Red cloaks & we got through that fairly easy & now were running through the HoTDQ storyline & its been pretty fun, we had a fight that turned into a meat grinder for the bad guys in greenest & lost a couple horses to a dragon while they were tied in the woods(so reminiscent now of when VM left their horses for the harpies lol). But probably the coolest thing thats happened in my mind thusfar is that while we were in the raiders camp i was able to begin training my own Guard drake xD so pumped. The DM said the only reason i even had a shot at it was because i'm a dragonborn speaking to them in draconic & they were nearing the end of their training, if any of the other characters had tried it;even speaking draconic; they would have failed. I'm not quite sure if its a boy or a girl yet but either way its name is Sutrinus, which means boss in draconic. I'll have updates if anyones interested how this turns out as it could still go pear shaped.
Sounds epic, out of curiosity how did your DM lead you from Phandalin to Greenest. I'm thinking of using the small group of dragon cultist's in the ruins of Thundertree as a hook into HoTDQ. I hope your campaign goes well.
(10-20-2015, 12:16 PM)DaggerDaggerDagger Wrote: Sounds epic, out of curiosity how did your DM lead you from Phandalin to Greenest. I'm thinking of using the small group of dragon cultist's in the ruins of Thundertree as a hook into HoTDQ. I hope your campaign goes well.
He said about 6 months had passed since the events in phandelin & that we were summoned by the leaders of our respective faction. Kastos doesn't belong to a faction but he was living in phandelin helping the party fighter keep order when she was summoned. Once we got there two of the players introduced new characters. The leaders explained what they wanted from their subordinates ( having them investigate rumors of Dragon cultists) & Kastos explained he doesn't work for free lol. They agreed upon a payment which led to the fighter asking the leaders if she gets gold as well, to which they responded "No, you're doing this because you're our groups need information." Basically a because i told you to answer, to which Kastos laughed heartily.Then a wizard teleported us away towards Berdusk.
Nice, Sounds good. I like that he allowed players to change characters at that point. It makes no sense continuing a campaign if anyone's unhappy, but you don't want to ruin the progression of those who really like their characters.
UPDATE: A lot has happened since I got the drake but heres almost a years worth of reviews including a  few before I got Sutrinus. Sorry that its pretty long but I hope you guys find it interesting.

The evening began with lots of planning and scouting, and an ingenious plan was hatched that Didy would ride on Kastos' back while Didy constantly cast illusion magic to make it appear as though Kastos' scales were black, and his Didy hump wasn't quite as big as it appeared.

Using this trick you entered the camp and were observed by a kobold who had just finished defecating and wiping his arse with his fingers, and then flinging it everywhere, who called Kastos, "Pretty". A threat saw the thing scamper away, and later it watched him with a wry, cheeky grin.

Leosin, the half-elf monk was found bound to a post inside a hut, along with other prisoners which looked to be from Greenest. Leosin wasn't interested in a rescue though, happy where he was, gathering intel, and confident of his own ability to escape. He was also concerned for the other peasants if an escape attempt was made, or noticed.

At the conclusion of your talk with him, Rezmir, a black half-dragon, entered the tent with guards and took Leosin away for furthering questioning, into the cave. Leosin gave a cheeky smile to Kastos and 'Geoff', the hump on Kastos' back, and whispered farewell.

That night you lit a fire which burned too quickly too early, took down the guard in the higher tower, and climbed, walked down the narrow path into the camp below. The fire diversion had passed, so Roscoe, the Paladin warhorse made a diversion of his own, charging into a group of kobolds and leading them and many of the human raiders on a wild chase outside the camp. This allowed you time to enter the cave.

Upon entering the cave, darkness was a concern for those without night vision, and Didy heard something ahead (he heard the breaths of two waiting Dragonclaws). A diversion caused one of them to cast a Light cantrip, and the fight was on, and over in two hits - Didy blew one apart with a Fire bolt, and the other fell to Kastos' arrow.

Further inside you came across a room of fungus, and choosing the wrong path, were attacked by four purple fungus plants, which moved very slowly and were not much of a threat. The next room, filled with resting bats was more of a concern as Didy agitated them and they flew into a massive swarm. A swarm with hidden proboscus, as many Stirges swept in, covering Kastos and greedily drinking his blood until he feinted. The stirges were dealt with and the bats settled down.

While resting a group of five winged kobolds came quietly from the room of bats, saw Didy and ordered him back to work, then noticed other, ordering them back to their work posts as well, until one of them spotted Ambrosius, and remembered that the defenders of Greenest had a dog in shiny scales as well. It was then that Kastos and Thalamir struck, and the kobolds were quickly cut down.

You found a room which once held the treasure of Greenest and elsewhere, which had been loaded aboard wagons and taken away from the camp earlier that day. A drunk, asleep cultist as no match for your slaying abilities, and then you found a guardroom which was filled with more awake and angry guards. The battle ensued, swiftly going in your favour, until Frulum Mondath held Kastos with a Hold Person spell and then fled. You dispatched the remaining guards and entered her room to find it empty with no obvious way out.

Didy noticed a slight depression in the floor and stood upon it, the hidden trapdoor beneath swinging away beneath his feet, dumping his unceremoniously in front of Langedrosa, Frulum, and four grizzly looking warriors with greataxes. The rest of the party joined him, and then Langedrosa recognised Thalamir from Greenest and challenged him to another duel.

Thalamir blessed himself, and received a haste spell from Didymus. Frulum noticed this interchange but was only able to bolster her champion with a bless. The fight was brutal, Thalamir immediately getting the upper hand with powerful swings from his greatsword. Langedrosa attempted to hold fast, but was only able to inflict minimal wounds before he was taken down. Frulum cast a heal on Langedrosa once he'd fallen, and Kastos fired an arrow, failing his stealth roll (which is unusual), and the fight broke out in earnest.

Frulum was quickly cut down by Thalamir, and Langedrosa was once more cut down by him, as the berserk warriors closed in. Thalamir was cut down, and Ambrosius narrowly escaped almost certain death. Timely casts of fireball by Didymus, sneaky strikes from Kastos, and relentless blows from Elmina brought them all low.

Langedrosa's sword was now the possession of Thalamir, and apart from a chest, there was nothing of interest in the room or on the bodies. Didy deduced that the holes in the mouths of the sculpted dragon motives were somehow tied to a trap activated by the chest, which would release something acrid smelling into the room.

With Langedrosa and Fruulam dead, you felt a sense of accomplishment, but were still fearful that the trapped chest held your doom, and so tied a rope to it, and left it alone until the end of the session, where you pulled it, the trap went off, and you left whatever goodies it contained behind (even Kastos - gasp).

One of the tunnels led off to a cave which held black dragon eggs, guarded by Guard Drakes, larger, more viscious versions, and thankfully less stealthy, of Ambush Drakes. A kobold ambush was sprung, and Thalamir was trapped inside gooey glue while lobbed napalm molotovs roasted him to almost crispy, and he was tenderized by earnest sling shots. A roper also joined the fight, easily grappling many of you, those stuck in the glue found it easier to resist its seductive advances, and held tight, except Kastos who kept repeatedly being grabbed off his feet and slammed into the cage which covered the stairs.

The roper succumbed to Didy's magic, and the kobolds fell to the blades and arrows of the remaining party members. Kastos really wanted a dragon egg for himself, but its bulky size was prohibitive, and with Thalamir's scowl burning holes in the back of his head he relented and allowed all three dragon eggs to be destroyed, once the pesky guard drakes were mercilessly slaughtered by an onslaught of fire bolts and arrows.

The next room contained a barracks full of kobolds, which was decimated by a single fireball from Didy, and rather than search the room, with the accusing eyes of scorched and dead kobolds judging you, you moved on.

At the top of some stairs Kastos was almost brained by a rockfall trap, and then his eyes met a strange sight. Another cave with another depression which contained Guard Drakes, these slightly smaller and younger, with training tools on the wall, and a group of half a dozen kobolds earnestly telling him that they had been training these creatures well. Kastos ordered them to line up, and they obediently did before they were mercilessly cut down by his dragonborn breath, some javelins, and a pit trap at the other entrance.

Kastos once more fell in love with the idea of a pet, and seeing that one of the three guard drakes was receptive of commands, decided to invest time in its domestication. The dead kobolds quickly became food for the drakes, tossed in the cave to appease their bellies, but the alpha wanted it all to himself. Kastos fired an arrow into the alpha, and ordered his favourite, the beta, to attack it, which it did, tearing out its throat. The beta then decided, despite orders to come, to attack and kill the remaining drake, which it did in a close battle that injured it severely.

Kastos took Thalamir's Animal Handling advice (a roll of 22), and gained a modicum of respect from the drake, able to place a collar and leash upon it, and lead it from the cave. The other party members were still skeptical, escpecially Didy who warned that if the beast attacked Ambrosius, the drake would die.

Another cave found was a rubbish tip, and Didy scared away lurking troglodytes, killing two of the four, which scampered quickly down a small dark hole. No magic was found to lurk within the rubbish, and it was left alone.

The group then rested and slept inside the cave, enemy territory, where, just outside a sentry had been found killed. By a small miracle, unlikely to occur again, they rested unaccosted, and left the cave the next morning, dressed in dragon cult garb, and pretending that nothing was wrong. The ruse worked, except it seemed for a single kobold which Kastos had met earlier. It mouthed 'Pretty' at him in draconic, and smiled, staring at Kastos and the group with no hint or fear, maybe it's madness.

Away from the Raider camp the group came across Leosin and the small group of prisoners from Greenest that he managed to rescue as he escaped. He'd been questioned by Rezmir, the female black half-dragon, but was pretty sure he had revealed nothing. The party had found information in Fruulam's desk that the treasure was heading to Castle Naetyr, wherever that was, and most likely to be travelling through Baldur's Gate.

That night Lenithon, the blue dragon crept up to Thalamir and asked if the task had been done. Thalamir replied that it had, and that Fruulam and Langedrosa was dead. This did not satisfy Lenithon, who seemed frustrated, and order Thalamir that he should find and destroy Rezmir, before creeping away surprisingly quietly for such a large beast, and taking the sky.

The journey from the Raider's Camp, back to Greenest, was mostly uneventful, except for a night in a wet area where you were attacked by large blubbery and dangerous looking worms with teeth. The foes were dispatched with ease.

Upon arrival at Greenest, Leosin bid you farewell, saying he would be travelling to Elturel to meet with his benefactor, Onthar Frume, and wished you luck on your journey. You spoke with Castellan Escobar the Red, who was pleased to see you all alive, and was happy with your efforts against the raiders. He was concerned about a newly born conflict between Governor Nighthill and the Priests of Chauntea. Nighthill had taken the Chauntea treasury for the use of the town, denying the Priests of Chauntea being able to gift it freely.

The people of Greenest were overjoyed to see your return, and you were constantly met with smiles, cheers, and stopped for details of your journey, and to hear how the townsfolk were overcoming the new hardships.

You spoke with Governor Nighthill, telling him of your success. He was pleased, but distracted, almost non-interested now that the threat of the raiders no longer lay upon the town. You asked him about the payment of gold, and he pleaded poor, telling you that what little of the treasury remained had been spent, and after haggling, he agreed to give you a pittance of gold, and signed a newly made contract, penned by Didymus, agreeing to pay you the amount owed upon the return of the town gold, taken by the raiders.

Kastos spoke with and received the almost completed skins of the ambush drakes, and each of you did a little bit of shopping, although the prices had increased markedly.

You left Greenest behind, following the Uldoon Trail back towards Baldur's Gate.

Just outside Greenest, Didy noticed what turned out to be a kobold riding a wolf watching you from a hilltop a mile away. Kalen was sent to investigate and came back an hour later with a tale of being shot at by the wily kobold. At the close of the next day you found an arrow, with a white owl feather, stuck in the middle of the road.

The next night you were startled awake by groans from within the darkness, as two undead humans, and two undead ogres greedily attacked you to feast upon your entrails. Many entrails lay strewn about at the completion of combat, all of them theirs.

Last week began with late summer rains making the Uldoon Trail a muddy mess each afternoon. Travel became difficult and began to sap your wills. One afternoon you came across an obelisk shaped pillar which glowed with a golden hue. Thalamir, Didymus, and Elmina left the road to have a look, and discovered it had hundreds of runes of unknown meaning carved down the center of each of its four sides. Didy managed to decipher one of the runes, which was in some form of Dwarven, which translated to "Weave of Worlds". He whispered these words just as the meaning and its discovery was washed from him. Elmina coaxed him on the meaning as Thalamir touched the pillar, the golden light beginning to seep around his body. Didy remembered that the Weave was a theory of how magic worked, that the world was made from a tapestry of magic, and to perform magic you would pluck, bend, reweave, and cut the strands of tapestry to bring forth magic. It is one of many concepts of the workings of magic.

Thalamir continued to touch the pillar, despite warnings that its effects could be bad, and the golden glow completely enveloped him, leaving the pillar, which cracked, aged, and fell apart to dust, leaving only a square patch of dirt in the grass where its base had once stood. Thalamir had gained a permanent inspiration.

After a few more days you came to the Amnian town of Nashkul, a farming community of around three thousand people. You were stopped at the edge by a group of Amnian soldiers who stated they were here to protect from raiders which were rumored to be in the area. They had been here for several weeks. One of the soldiers had seen three heavily laden wagons five days previous, their wagon masters surly and not wanting any aid when one of the wagons became bogged in the upslope main street.

Cloud Peak Outfitters was just closing as you arrived in town, Salla, the halfling propietor directing you to a man outside The Belching Dragon who may have horses for sale. You spent a pleasant evening in The Northern Light, the innkeep, Reis concerned about having a giant lizard inside one of the rooms.

The next morning you did a bit of shopping while Thalamir road to the old drunk's farm to discuss the purchase of horses. Salla was a shrewd but fair business woman, and Kastos picked up a bargain with a Disguise Kit +1, while Didy was able to purchase two Elemental Waters. Thalamir returned with word that there were horses for sale, and you all journeyed to the farm, paid the drunk 240gp for three horses, which he hid in a hole behind the outhouse, which Kastos promptly dug up and took back his 80gp from the racist old sod.

You returned to The Northern Light to find that Sutrinus, left inside the room past check-out time, had bitten one of the maids sent up to tidy the room. A Paladin of Helm, Benito had tended to the wound, and luckily Reis was able to intervene on Sutrinus' behalf as Benito had wanted to put the beast to the sword. In an effort to get a half days travel in before nightfall, you visited the house of the maid on the way out of town, her mother none the wiser of what had occurred in the inn earlier that day.

The next day you saw the kobold astride its wolf once more, on a hill about a mile away, stationary and watching as you rode past. A discussion was made to try and charge it but it was wisely decided that the chances of gaining the ground would be low.

Five days later you came to Beregost, a town the size of Nashkul, but in a much smaller area. A member of the Flaming Fist mercenary company met you at the edge of town, surprised to meet the heroes of Greenest in person. The Flaming Fist had bolstered Beregost in preparation for raiders, the message brought to them in Baldur's Gate by Thalamir's stable boy, sent on horse to Baldur's Gate weeks ago. The Flaming Fist soldier explained that three wagons had come through Beregost three days ago, and that the stable boy had left on the road south two days ago. It was concerning that your group had not come across him on the road.

On the edge of Beregost, Thalamir bid you all farewell, and turned south to begin the search for Stephen, his ward. If he was successful he'd said he'd try and catch up but the Sword Coast is a large place. Jeremiah would travel with you until Baldru's Gate, and then depart to give word to Thalamir's order.

Beregost's central square, flanked by three inns and a tavern, was awash with activity. Merchants, guards, townsfolk, all about their end of day business. You were approached by a large silver dragonborn who seemed to recognise you all from a description given to him. He introduced himself as Balasar, himself a member of the same order as Thalamir, the Talons of Vengeance. He had a message for Thalamir from the Masters, and had been instructed to take Thalamir's place in the group as they tracked down the activities of the Dragon Cult.

The Red Sheaf was your inn of choice, as it was the choice of many merchants. The largest inn in Beregost, at three stories tall, with food aplenty, a lounge for conversation, and beds for all. For once Jeremiah did not have to sleep in the common room, but was afforded a double room with Elmina.

You spent the evening getting to know one another, Balasar, an orphan of a dragonborn village, pillaged decades ago by the dragon cult. You discussed the activities of Greenest briefly and informed him of your plan to find the cult's wagons which were three days ahead of you on the road to Baldur's Gate, and then a place called Castle Naetyr, of which none of you had any information.

Balasar was treated with almost reverence by the inn's proprietor, Viola, and even Kastos with his surly companion Sutrinus was welcomed.

The next morning you traveled from Beregost, the weather making the road weary and miserable. Hot mornings with chilled, raining afternoons, and wet nights under the stars. Thankfully Balasar had a mount of his own, but you had neglected to see if saddle were available in Beregost and must continue the journey bareback, with rough horsehair scratching and chafing the insides of your thighs.

You passed a western road, heading to the mysterious Candle Keep, and unfortunately were not close enough to see what you have heard is a most unusual design - a tower which reached toward the clouds, with a section of the walls invisible to let in the sun for those reading the books.

Past this intersection, and two days out of Beregost you came across a dirty, bearded man, sat at the side of the road. A torn and tattered cloak over his body, the hood barely intact enough to cover his flea bitten face. He looked up as you approached and held out a filthy palm. "Alms?" He croaked, and lifted his head with effort to peer at you with one good eye, the other milky and useless. "Oh, it's you. Took you long enough. Where's the big one? Nevermind, lets get this over with so I can get out of this gutter and into a warm bed". With that he sprang to his feet with surprising agility and flung away his cloak to draw twin daggers from his belt. From behind him, over a shallow hill crest, strode more figures - kobolds.

From a survivor the beggars name was learned to be Svante, and he narrowly escaped the fight after inflicting almost lethal poison wounds upon Elmina. The light of Bahamut from the palms of Balasar cured her of the affliction.

Some of the kobolds were skilled rogues, many were the garden variety. Unfortunately Didymus and Ambrosius were searching for herbs at the time and were unable to assist. It was not Elmina's finest hour as a warrior, tangling her shield in her straps, cutting away part of her armour, nearly taking off Balasar's head in a pirouette which she was then able to miraculously turn into three kobold corpses.

The survivor, Tulalok, informed you all that he had been sent to serve Svante by Rezmir, in an effort to kill you. It seems that you have been marked, and that the dragon cult knows you are on its trail. Tulalok's heart became a supper of a kobold heart main course for Sutrinus as he systematically ate each in turn with cracking, rending glee.

You traced the kobolds tracks to a camp a third of a mile away, hoping to catch Svante there, but it appeared he is made of slippery cloth and was nowhere to be found. You returned to the road, Elmina re-summoning Kalen who had been felled in the battle - now a hawk. Kalen was much pleased with his new form, flaunting it from atop Balasar's helm before the dragonborn shooed him off.

Kalen turned to Elmina, gurgled, croaked, and began uttering words in common instead of his usual telepathic communication. "Oh, by the way" he droned in his laconic way. "I brought something back from the Fey. For Ambrosius."

Kalen had brought something back from the Fey Realm for Ambrosius, a fruit, a berry, from what he called the World Tree, the heart of the realm. He warned that it should not touch the ground, lest it lose its power, and you disguised it within a piece of meat to feed to Ambrosius when it was discovered that dogs aren't always so fanatical about eating fruit. Ambrosius' eyes become a pale blue colour as the power of the Fey touched him, giving him Darkvision to 120', an extra hit die of hit points, and a point of intelligence. It was later discovered that he could under the Fey language as well, when it was spoken to him by Kalen.

The Coast Way road followed the edge of a deeply shadowed wood called The Cloak Wood, and one midday a trio of ogres crashed out from it at a jog, followed by another, dressed in breastplate and carrying a shield, as well as a large longsword. The armoured ogre was found to be named Blagoy, and stated they were heading to the Wood of Sharp Teeth to test their strength against the dragon and lizard denizens there. Blagoy took offence to Elmina's manner of speaking, thinking it was some kind of insult, and when you refused to sell one of your horses for them to eat, Blagoy challenged Elmina to a fight. Not to the death, he added, with the smallest hint of unease. Elmina refused, and Blagoy was pleased that she had surrendered before the fight had even begun, recognising his superior strength of arms. With that they lumbered away, leaving you alone.

The next evening, just as the road was beginning to leave the Cloak Wood behind, you saw what appeared to be either a large single fire, or many smaller fires, giving light to an area of the Cloak Wood, just inside its border. The light continued unabated all night until the glow was lost amidst the rays of the rising sun.

You came to Baldur's Gate, on the shores of the Chionthar river, seven days after leaving Beregost. Baldur's Gate is a bustling trade city, and Kastos noticed that there were many sigils of Thieve's Cant upon the buildings, hinting that the city was ruled over by a single guild of thieves, unlike his previous experiences in Luskan as many groups tried and warred with one another to attain such power. The Porters Guild was also found to be of great power, as no goods made it through the city without it first passing through their hands. Each porter had an intricate tattoo design on the backs of their left hands, signifying who they were and allowing them easy and swift passage through the various Flaming Fist checkpoints of the city.

You began questioning many of the locals, one of the porter supervisors, and even the porters themselves for information about Rezmir and whether she had been seen passing through Baldur's Gate. It was discovered that a dwarf porter, who was later found to also be a member of the thieves guild had seen what he thought was a half-dragon, and the Thieves Guild had watched her as she quickly moved through the streets, and left via the Blackgate on the road north.

The Flaming Giant became your choice of accommodation for the evening, complete with an exotic dancer at meal-time who gave an excellent show of her own sweet meats. You reminisced with Jeremiah for the final time, and in the morning he bid you all fond farewells, and left to report to the Order, and await Thalamir's return.

You arranged for transport for your beasts of burden, as well as your pets, Sutrinus and Ambrosius, who were placed in crates and carried through the streets, while the horses were fitted with blinders and sack cloth hoof coverings to help keep them docile and to keep their footing upon the treacherous streets.

With your beasts in hand you crossed the Wyrm's Crossing, the great bridge which spans the Chionthar river, and on the poverty stricken far side watched as a young boy dressed as a page easily convinced a merchant to follow him to a nearby tavern to meet a 'friend'. The more paranoid of you were convinced the merchant was following to his doom, but a quick investigation revealed the transaction to be legitimate - which was almost just as shocking.

The streets within the Lower Ward of Baldur's Gate were narrow, and the press of flesh was monotonous as you slowly made your way through. Once you reached the Upper Ward, many of your purses were slightly lighter, your pockets preyed upon by the numerous pick pockets who prowled the streets.

The Upper Ward was more spacious, and you came across an area called The Wide, a massive marketplace where hundreds of merchants hawked their myriad wares to thousands of customers. Didymus and Kastos quickly took the opportunity to sell some herbs and leather, making a reasonable amount of coin in the process, and Elmina, feeling generous, purchased a masterwork adamantine dagger for Kastos, and two masterwork throwing daggers for herself. Other purchases were also made in preparation for a possible two month journey toward Waterdeep as part of a caravan.

The Black Dragon Gate admitted you to the district called Blackgate, and you found a porting company called "Selebon's Portage", where you met with a man surprisingly called Selebon, who recognised you all almost immediately, through a description given to him in writing by Leosin, your half-elf monk friend that you 'rescued' from the Raider's Camp.

Selebon informed you that he had been briefed in writing by Leosin, who had been introduced to him by a man called Onthar Frume, a Paladin of Helm who lived in Elturel. A caravan train would be departing in two days, but thus far no wagons fitting the description of the raiders had been presented.

Selebon freely gave you access to his ledger for the coming trip, which detailed the wagons and merchants who had signed up for the trip north.

Selebon handed you a manifest for the upcoming caravan trip north. You scanned through the list of names and goods, with very little piquing your interest. It seems the Cult of the Dragon may be smarter than you've given them credit.

Kastos wanted to sell the Gauntlets of Ogre Power, and possibly Sutrinus, so received an invitation to the Talons of Vengeance headquarters, where you were ushered in by a butler named Skanda, and met with Balasar's trainer and master, Adele Mikula, a wild elf who often wore henna-type tattoos. A deal was struck for the gauntlets for 700 gold pieces, and the next morning Adele and a trainer named Julien met with Kastos at Selebon's Portage to assess Sutrinus. Kastos gave a complete history of Sutrinus, as well as some of his foibles, and Julien was impressed with the beast. A deal was struck for 1,200 gold pieces, and Sutrinus was crated once more and carried off to his new life, not knowing that he would never see Kastos again.

Final preparations were made, and Balasar was hired on as a Sergeant of the Guard, his duties being to deal with and organise the other guards in the caravan. Elmina was hired as a bodyguard for Beyd, the travelling tavern merchant, while Kastos and Didymus were happy to merely be passengers on the journey.

The night before the caravan left Baldur's Gate, Kastos used his skills to contact a member of the thieves guild, a scabby, flea bitten old man, who retrieved the information that Kastos wanted. It seemed that Irving, one of the merchants on the caravan, was no known merchant in Baldur's Gate, and it was unknown where the man was staying.

The caravan left Baldur's Gate early in the morning, and began the long, slow journey northward across the Fields of the Dead. You spent time finding out if any of the caravan members had any peculiarities, and there were certainly a few of those, a green woman, a gargoyle guard, angry dwarves, mute brothers, and more. It takes all sorts, but nothing stood out except that Kastos noticed a tattoo on the back of Sergio Meginhard's neck, though he could not discern if it were of cult origin.

The caravan travelled for a week across the Fields of the Dead, passing farms close to the road being harvested, and other farms which had been looted and burned. One afternoon the caravan passed a barrow mound, its side caved in, revealing darkness. The caravan travelled longer this day, wanting to put distance between the night's camp and this place. The night was less merry as camp was made in darkness, and a heavy fog seeped up from the ground to envelop everything. Everyone seemed on edge.

During Balasar's watch, he was checking on some of the horses, when he turned as saw one of them had fallen, and a beast with baleful green eyes crouched over it, its hand pressed into the horse's flank, drawing out its life force. With a cry of warning Balasar drew Lightbringer, a burst of light showering from its flanged head.

The beast was armed with longsword and leather armour, and whispered to the darkness and fog, out of which stepped several zombies. Up and down the caravan line battle was joined, the grunt of combat mixed with muted screams of fear.

An ogre zombie stepped from the night, its flesh not as decayed as those of the other zombies, some of which were still wearing the remnants of chain shirts, and Balasar, Kastos, and Elmina did battle. Didymus, not feeling well during the caravan trip so far, slept through the entire thing, huddled in the back of one of the wagons, with Ambrosius standing guard over him.

The Wicht, the green eyed beast almost fell to the might of Lightbringer, and Balasar's combat prowess, and fled into darkness. The zombies proved resilient, their skin breaking easily to the slash of steel, but not falling. The ogre zombie single-mindedly targeted Balasar, each of his powerful blows that managed to connect rattling Balasar's brain inside his skull. Balasar went down under one blow, but was quickly brought back to consciousness by a potion, administered by Kastos.

The Wicht returned, many of its wounds healed. It avoided the radiant flame of Lightbringer, and focussed its attention on Elmina, managing to only barely score a hit or two with the help of the remaining zombies. Kastos yelled for Elmina to move, and she made a poor choice, allowing four combatants to make attacks of opportunity against her, three of which were hits. Kastos let lose with a lightning breath, felling the ogre. The Wicht and remaining zombies were quickly dispatched, but Kastos felt the chill touch of the Wicht, which drained part of his lifeforce and he felt slightly weakened.

At the death of the Wicht, the other zombies attacking the caravan fell, the foul magic that gave them unlife broken. You looked around at chaos, as there were many dead and wounded.

The zombies had been defeated, the caravan in shock at such a violent attack, which left five members dead. Kastos and Elmina were approached by a human named Kelarik, a devout worshipper of Torm and a stout member of the Order of the Gauntlet. He administered to many of the wounded, and was able to alleviate the agony that Elmina was feeling from the blows of zombies and ogre. Kelarik stressed the need to speak in the morning.

In the morning, the zombies had been piled and burned, and the parting rites were given to the five caravan dead. Kelarik lead you away from the caravan for privacy, with Irving's watchful eye upon, and introduced himself formally. It was revealed that he had been sent by Ontharr, his master, at the behest of Leosin, the half-elf monk to join the caravan and give aid against the Cult of the Dragon. He seemed very capable, and underneath his stern, militaristic exterior, was a likable chap.

You came up with a plan to track the cultists, in case they broke away from the caravan at some point. Kastos used his patience to wait for an opening, and his stealth to approach Sergio while he slept, and it was as he suspected, the tattoo upon the back of this man's neck was that of the Cult of the Dragon. Kastos cajoled the man into rubbing down his horse, and paid with a handful of silver coin, one of which was notched for the potential use of a later Locate Object spell.

Kastos was on guard duty when he was approached by Kalen, who was relishing his new, sleek hawk form. Kalen pulled a blue berry from within his breast feathers, and gave it to Kastos, saying that it would "Bring what was inside, to the outside". Kalen was unsure or unwilling to reveal the effects, and was unmoved by Kastos' threat of reprisal if things went awry. He swallowed the amazingly delicious berry, to which Kalen replied, "Umbraes sends her regards". Nothing new was felt over the next days, the effects of the berry unknown.

The caravan entered the Trollclaws, a low-lying section of small hillocks, and wet mud, the road headed for the only crossing of the Winding Way river within a hundred or more miles. Everyone was on edge, expecting troll attack at any moment. Strange creatures could be heard in the fog and distance, and the nights were uneasy.

You came to the ford, flanked on either bank by ruined abandoned forts. Both forts were scarred and broken from persistent assaults, a futile effort in an attempt to hold this critical crossing and keep it safe. In the middle of the ford sat a broken wagon, some of its crates still sitting in its bed, while others had fallen overboard and sank to the shallow bottom. The caravan made camp within the ruins of one of the forts, everyone on edge. Elmina scouted the ford bank and found a large area of churned mud, as though some great beast had pulled itself from, or entered, the water.

The misty morn came all too soon, and it was time to clear the broken wagon from the ford so that the caravan could cross safely. A heavy-duty towing rope was fashioned and given to Elmina and Kelarik, while Kastos watched from the bank.

Balasar was given the duty of organising the crossing, and he ordered Irving and his guards to go first, but Irving refused, not wanting to risk his wagon to the depths as he navigated around the broken wagon obstacle. Balasar was strangely indignant, ordering Irving to move or be dismissed from the caravan. Irving laughed at the preposterous suggestion. Balasar became quiet, the stress of the travel finally breaking some small part within him, and he wandered to one side, in an almost catatonic state.

Elmina and Kelarik waded into the water, Elmina promptly plunging off the ford edge and up to her chin in the frigid, murky water. She had forgotten the rule of the crossing, stay between the markers. They both laughed it off as intended and returned to shallow ground, making their way to the wagon. Kastos noticed small explosions of bubbles just north of the broken wagon.

Kelarik noticed a scale upon one of the crates as Elmina dove under the belly of the wagon, dragging the rope with her, and tossed it onto the top. Kelarik clambered upward to assist, just in time to see a large serpent-like head rise from the deeper water, followed by four more. He dragged Elmina atop the wagon as a gigantic hydra rose from the depths, its hungry eyes fixed upon the pair. Kastos began firing his bow, his precision shots digging deep. Elmina leapt down and affixed the rope's shackle, while Kelarik cast Sanctuary upon her and backed away.

The hydra lurched forward, ready to strike at Elmina, until the sanctuary forced its attention toward Kelarik, and it lumbered quickly forward, one of its mouths striking deep into his arm. Crossbow bolts and arrows from the caravan guards peppered the beast as Elmina and Kelarik withdrew. The hydra struck out at Elmina, the sanctuary magic waning, and struck her several times. With only her companions safety in mind, she turned and struck at the creature in a desperate attempt to fell it or drive it away. This shattered Torm's sanctuary magic and the beast struck with a frenzy, lifting her unconscious form into the air, ready to devour and rend her flesh.

Kelarik summoned the flame of Torm, striking at the already damaged head, and it felt limp, releasing Elmina into the water before turning to flee from the consistent assault by the group. Kelarik waded quickly through the water to the still form of Elmina, but it was too late, she was dead, all too quickly. He beseeched Torm, but Torm did not answer, this lesson of mortality etched deep.

The broken wagon was hauled from the ford, and the caravan lurched forward, ignoring the one-at-a-time rule, and making the crossing as quickly as they could before the beast could return. Horses and oxen were whipped, wheels broken, and bones jarred, but the crossing was made, the beast left behind. Elmina's body was wrapped in cloth and stowed away in a wagon under the watchful eye of Kalen, his usual jovial and laid back attitude wiped away.

The Trollclaws were left behind, and the Coast Way, met at a junction with the Trade Way, where a small, unnamed settlement was beginning to take shape. A blacksmith, a wheelwright, and a store, with a spattering of houses. The caravan would be staying here for a day while their wheels were replaced, axles repaired, and beasts of burden rested.

After a difficult night of sleep, Kelarik and Kastos awoke to find the corpse of Balasar, his throat slashed, and blade in his hand. It appeared that the devout dragonborn had taken his own life, but a closer inspection by Kastos revealed that it was only made to look this way, and that the curved dagger which was used for the deed was previously seen in the hands of an assassin named Svante, who had confronted the group north of Beregost with a contingent of kobolds.

Thia and Elora arrived back at the Coastal Trader, having found evidence of the wolves they were tracking, and that their number was much greater than expected, and they required assistance. A discussion with Kelarik and Kastos was made, and the pair seemed willing to help, Kelarik for the good of the deed, and Kastos for the coin it would provide. Kalen added that he had seen a wolf the previous night, near the Coastal Trader inn, but thought nothing of it, thinking it a pet of one of the locals.

The outside of the inn was investigated and it was found a wolf had indeed been there the night previous, just outside a window, which was later found to lead into the storeroom and bedroom of Timothy, the innkeep's ward. Timothy had not been there for the breakfast serving, and the almost blind innkeep, Joby, was distraught, pleading with the group to find the young boy.

A single set of wolf tracks led away from the inn, but Thia and Elora's tracking skills were unable to follow it for more than a mile, where it entered a shallow stream. The trail was lost, and so the group headed to the location of the slaughtered lamb which had been discovered the previous day. The lamb was infested with flies and maggots, though no other scavengers had disturbed the corpse. The lamb's entrails were eaten out, the flesh upon its bones left to rot. The trail, this time made by many wolves, led eastward, toward the High Moor, and by sunset you had followed them to the edge of High Moor, where they turned northward, and headed straight for a sharp escarpment, an ideal location for a cave, and a den. No wolf howls or other evidence had been seen or heard, an unusual situation when travelling through the territory of such creatures.

Camp was made, and in the morning the rising sun showed a large stone statue about a mile distance, on top of the escarpment, facing west. It was of a naked, bald man, his arms crossed, staring implacably to the west. Further investigation revealed no writing, and his visage was not recognised, another mystery of the Sword Coast.

The group followed parallel with a discernable animal trail toward a darker shadow against the cliff face, a cave. Thia could not discern whether this frequented trail was made by wolf or other animal, but it led straight toward the cave. Kastos approached, and heard a warning growl from within the shadows, and backed away to inform the others.

The cave smelled of wet dog, spiderwebs clinging to the ceiling and upper corners. Further inside you heard the yips and cries of what could only be wolf pups, and turning a bend you found the pups were cavorting over what appeared to be the still, curled up form of a small boy, Timothy. A large black and grey wolf watched from outside the cave, and there were several others within, keeping to the shadows, wary.

Kastos threw two daggers at one of the wolves, missing as the wolf danced away. Timothy awoke and stretched, the puppies playing around his feet, and he was surprised to see you. You questioned him about what he was doing here, and he replied he was with his new family, and that he was a wolf. After a bit of discussion, Timothy refusing to come to you, Kelarik intimidated Timothy into obeying him. The boy was cowed, and the group left the cave, the wolves watching, but keeping their distance.

The return journey to the Coastal Trader had many questions, Timothy exorting that he was a wolf, the group unbelieving. He spoke of the sweet smell of flesh, and the secret shame of killing the lamb, thinking that if Joby found out, he would be in trouble. The group arrived back at the settlement just on dusk, the inn common room packed with people eating and drinking their nightly fill. Irving and Sergio sat at a table at the room edge, talking, and narrowed their eyes at Kelarik as he entered. Kelarik sought out Lasfelro, the strange merchant with the gargoyle guard upon his wagon, thinking that he was a man of learning and would be able to offer insight into the strange matter of Timothy.

Lasfelro was beside himself as he heard the tale, and when it was found that no scratch or wound was to be found on the boy, he revealed that he suspected Timothy was a member of the Dire, the precursors and naturally born werewolves, very powerful, and very dangerous. It was wise that you had not angered Timothy to force the change. After discussion with Lasfelro it was decided amongst the group, and with the consent of Joby, that Timothy would become Lasflero's ward, and the man would teach him the proper ways of man so as not to succumb to the beast. Joby agreed, knowing that Timothy would have a much better life on the road, than being stuck being a general hand at the inn.

The next morning Kelarik summoned the power of Torm to restore Joby's cataract ridden sight, and the man was overjoyed. He gifted Kelarik a brass pocket watch on a chain, explaining that he was previously a tinkerer, and with the loss of his sight had been unable to continue the trade. He shouted for a buyer for his inn, and even with no takers, by days end he was aboard a horse and cart, heading south, shouting he was heading to Baldur's Gate, and singing a happy tune.

The caravan would be moving out in the morning, and there was much to think about. Timothy had mentioned that the alpha wolf was named Unbraes and seemed to have been tempting him to succumb to his beastial side. Svante was among the caravan, somewhere, someone, unseen. And the Cult of the Dragon knew full well who you were, and desired you harm.

The caravan was ready to rejoin the road the next morning. Thia, her job with the wolves done, decided to return to the wilderness. Her apprentice Elora decided to remain with the caravan, intrigued by the idea of dragon cults and travel. Kelarik would accompany the caravan until Waterdeep, where he would consult with the Elders of Torm.

Kastos attempted, with the help of a Zone of Truth spell, to interrogate Kalen to find out what he knew of Umbraes. Kalen was unaffected by the spell, though revealed some information, that his girlfriend's name was Aida, and that she was bound to another as a familiar, possibly on another world.

In an effort to find out more information, Kastos went into the woods and cast his Find Familiar ritual, uncertain of what he would get. At the ritual's completion, a tiny dragon, composed of shadow, was revealed. It hissed, stretched its wings, and practised its tiny shadow breath. Kastos found it could not speak, but instead communicated via telepathic images, though it did seem to instinctively understand the Draconic tongue. It was further discovered that it could turn invisible in anything but sunlight or bright light, and was later found that it could shadow step from one patch of deep shadow to another.

The next morning the caravan continued its journey north toward Waterdeep. Just over a week later the caravan passed the dreaded Dragonspear castle, its battlements enveloped in a thick mist despite it being midday. The road ran between the Misty Forest and the Trollbark Forest, when the rear part of the caravan was covered in spider webs, and in the confusion several of the horses were unhitched and led away through the tall grasses toward the edge of the Misty Forest. Kastos' dread of overgrown spiders descended upon him as Elora and he followed the trail of moving grass into the canopy of trees.

Battling against webs, the horses were found inside a clearing, being guarded by several hidden giant spiders and Ettercaps, humanoid spider creatures. During this conflict, Svante, the Assassin met on the road south of Baldur's Gate, surprisingly assisted you in the conflict, near the end of it fading into the shadows with a 'We need to talk' directed toward Kastos.

For the next week, the caravan continued its journey north, Kastos expecting to have the talk with Svante that was mentioned, but nothing occurred, and he was nowhere to be seen.

The caravan reached Daggerford.

The caravan moved into the Daggerford commons, which were nestled safely inside the towns walls. Most of the caravan members quickly set up camp, and then dissolved into the town's streets, eager to rest their travellers feet in a tavern with a mug of ale, or sleep in a bed surrounded by four walls stronger than canvas. A member of the Daggerford guard, Sergeant Chad, sent by the Lady of Daggerford, spoke with Kastos and Elora.

Kastos and Elora made their way to the market where they purchased some rope, and then on to Helmick's Herbs and Oddments, where they were offered a shrunken head by the proprietor, a thin-bearded, bald halfling. Helmick purchased a snake poison from Kastos, for anti-venom, and sold him a poisoner's kit, with some special alchemical paper which would turn different colours, based on the properties of any liquid poured upon it. Kastos' attempts at aggressive bartering where unwelcome, pushing up the price, and the patience of the initially helpful halfling.

Rooms were booked at the Silver Flood inn, and a bath for Elora, before they both ventured into the streets and to the Lady Luck Tavern for food and drink. It was a busy and popular place, where the barmaids would often lift their skirts and afford customers a glimpse of their snatches in return for hopefully a larger tip. Carnal desserts were also for sale on the second floor.

Upon completion of their meal, Svante joined them at their table, ready to speak with Kastos. Svante explained that he was not a member of the Dragon Cult, and merely a contractual employee. He explained that a contract still existed from the Dragon Cult, for Kastos' life. Kastos agreed to owe him a boon in exchange, as the counter-contract offer of 500 gold was too rich for him. Kastos did however, over the course of this meeting and the next, purchase the names of all of the Dragon Cult members within the caravan.

The next day Kastos approached Sergeant Chad with the information that members of the Dragon cult were within the city, in the hope that they could be arrested. Chad took this information to Lady Keldathe, and Kastos and Elora were summoned to an audience with her. Kastos explained the situation with the Dragon Cult, but the Lady was unable to help in their arrest, requiring proof of their crimes before she could act. Sergio, the one member with a cult tattoo was arrested later that day, and the next morning the caravan left the town without him, heading for Waterdeep.

Eight days later the caravan arrived at Waterdeep, and were crossing the Zundbridge when a Griffon rider landed, calling out for Arlen of Baldur's Gate. He approached Kastos, asked if he knew of Arlen, and then rudely shoved past before Kastos could reply. Kastos noticed that a note had been placed in his hand, identifying the rider as Lucien Hallwinter, and he sought to speak with you.

The Grand City of Waterdeep lay nestled at the foot of Mount Waterdeep, its streets busy, but wide enough to accommodate its many citizens, unlike the crowded maze that was Baldur's Gate. As the caravan made its way inside the walled city, the majority of merchants who had reached their dispersed and only a few remained, the cultist wagons included, to travel to the northern common grounds. Once there however one of the cultist wagons turned around and re-entered the city, Irving giving Kastos a sly smile.

Shade was left to watch the common grounds, while Kastos and Elora shadowed the single merchant wagon. It did a slow loop through the streets, stopping frequently, until returning to the commons, where the other two wagons were no longer there. The merchant wagon waited for thirty minutes and then, satisfied that it was not being followed, drove its wagon once more into Waterdeep's streets. It made its way to the end of a wide, short alley, and into a large warehouse, which looked to hold many other wagons, loaded with goods. Irving was spotted just inside, talking with a man you did not recognise.

Night fell and Kastos and Elora made their way to the Inn of the Dripping Dagger, its entrance inside a dimly lit alley. One of the doormen attempted to pick a pocket or two, but Kastos' keen eye and experience prevented this. The inside of the Dripping Dagger was crowded, and dimly lit by lanterns, their unclean fuel making the room hazy. Barmaids worked the crowd, picking pockets for tips they felt were owed. A man named Brian, heavyset, his knuckles callused and bruised, was told to take Kastos and Elora to see the old rider who was waiting for them.

Brian let you through some hallways and up a flight of stairs, the inside of the Dripping Dagger much bigger than it looked from the outside. All manner of debauchery could be heard echoing from the wooden walls, and glimpses of such things were snatched through open doorways. Brian led you to a windowless, simply furnished room occupied by Lucien Hallwinter, as well as another eager looking man who was introduced as Keith, a monk apprentice of Aelar, who had made made a pilgrimage on Aelar's behalf to find his friends and brother, who he had not heard from in almost a year.

Lucien explained that he had received Didymus' report about the Cult of the Dragon, and had been contacted to give whatever aid was necessary. Upon hearing that Elmina had fallen to the teeth of a hydra, he made arrangements to have her resurrected by the Temple of Lathander. He would also arrange for the body of Balasar to be sent south once more to Baldur's Gate, to the Talons of Vengeance, his order.

Upon completion of the meeting, Keith was left under the charge of Kastos, and the new trio made their way from the inn. Brian had pummelled and tossed a customer into the street, and Keith, being a kind soul, was determined to see him taken to a doctor. The doorman slyly offered to take him to a doctor with the payment of ten gold, which he quickly dropped to five silver. The group was in agreement and the man was led further into the alley with the payment. Elora approached and was rebuffed by Brian, as she attempted to understand why he would savagely beat someone. Luckily she was unable to get purchase on his dim wits, and she left frustrated.

After sleeping the evening in the North Gate Inn, Kastos spoke with Kalen at the common grounds, who informed him that the wagons had remained inside the warehouse under the watchful eye of Shade the entire evening. This was despite the fact that it seemed Kalen had spent most of the evening asleep near Beyd's fire, the dusting of snow upon his head and shoulders evidence of his mischievous crime.

You met with Lucien at the north gate keep, Kastos arranging for one thousand gold pieces so that information about the location of Castle Naetyr could be bought from Svante. Lucien made the arrangements without hesitation, and gave word that he would be out of contact for likely the remainder of the day, as he would be heading north at the rumour of a dragon sighting.

The group walked to the Temple of Lathander, where it was happily discovered that Elmina had been resurrected from the realm of the dead. After the reunion and introductions to Keith and Elora, Kastos filled Elmina in briefly on the events since her death.

The group returned to the commons to find that Kalen had been searching for them, as the cultist wagons had departed en masse, approximately twenty wagons in an entourage of around one hundred people. The one thousand gold was returned to the Master of the north keep, and the horses were hurriedly saddled to give chase. Keith proved problematic, not having ridden a mount before, and Elmina offered that he ride behind her. A quick check of the warehouse showed that it was indeed empty and that Shade was nowhere to be found.

Several hours later, as the sun was dipping to dusk, you spied through the thick swirl of snow the wagon train. It moved with military precision, each wagon interspersed with guards. A sudden crack of lightning and thunder came from above the low clouds, quickly followed by several more thunderous cracks. A slow realisation came to you as the stabs of lightning seemed unnatural somehow. A shadow emerged from the clouds, a gryphon, with rider, being pursued by the gigantic form of a familiar dragon, Lenithon. The gyphon was struck and the rider fell, the beast failing to catch him before his body struck the earth with sickening speed. The gryphon was seized by the dragon and torn into blood and feathers, Lenithon then landing by the still form of the rider. He pressed a talon slowly through the chest of the rider, and then stared southward toward you. Kastos' magic and skill at stealth seemed to keep you all hidden, and Lenithon flew back to the skies and into the fog of snow and cloud.

The fallen rider, now covered in red snow, was not Lucien. You wrapped him in his cloak and slung him over a saddle for the return journey to Waterdeep, sending Kalen ahead to bring word of what had happened. From a distance away you were hailed by a deep voice, calling for the 'little dragonborn'. Kastos moved to the voice, to unsurprisingly find that it belonged to Lenithon. Lenithon reiterated his desire that you kill Rezmir, and Lenithon warned that the half-dragon had some method of control over him. Lenithon also Kastos that Castle Naetyr was inside the swamps of the Mere of Dead Men, and that the Carnath Roadhouse was its gateway.

The Waterdhavian soldiers were ready when you arrived, but would not be moving north until morning. You met with the eccentric Master Bayleaf, and obtained from him the one thousand gold pieces to purchase information about the location of Castle Naetyr, from Svante. You returned to the Inn of the Dripping Dagger, where Svante was waiting for you at a table. Kastos sat with him, while the remaining party members returned to the North Gate Inn. Svante was unable to offer any information that Lenithon had not already provided, but Kastos paid him two hundred and fifty pieces of gold to escort him safely back to the North Gate Inn, since many pairs of greedy eyes had spied the large bag of coin.

The next morning was spent shopping for provisions. Kastos returned five hundred gold pieces to the Master, before the group began their travel north. The road north was lonely and cold, snow laying white upon everything. A few travellers were passed heading south, as well as an encampment of orcs who were eating spit-fired kobold and planning to raid around Waterdeep. Kalen was sent to bring word to the city. One evening a immense shadow passed overhead with a thunderous whoosh, an eagle-like creature with a wingspan of two hundred feet. The next day an older man identified it as a Roc, a creature of legend and myth, and you felt privileged to have seen such a remarkable thing.

The road deteriorated as it came closer to the swampy mere, the cataclysm of the spell plague having shifted the ground of this area, and the relentless advance of the swamp chewed away sections of the road. Ten days since leaving Waterdeep the group arrived at Carnath Roadhouse, a two-story stone-walled collection of buildings surrounding a central courtyard, and home to the worker gangs responsible for repairing and upgrading the coastal road.

The proprietor, a half-orc named Bog Luck, proved unwelcoming, especially when Kastos began prying into the affairs of the cultist wagon caravan. The stable boy, Wump, tended to your horses, and Bog showed you to your spartan accommodation, a room with two bunk beds, and four trunks to store your belongings. It was discovered that the cultist wagons had left the roadhouse that morning, and a quick investigation of the warehouse revealed nothing of note except a single locked door where Bog kept items of value. The lock yielded easily to Kastos' lockpicking skill and inside he found the small room filled floor to ceiling with crates. Opening a couple of these he found treasure in the form of chalices, goblets, plates, and coin - of which he secreted a couple of select packages. He also discovered a crate, different to the other, nailed to a trapdoor. Raising it slightly welcomed the stench of the bog into the room.

The workmen returned to the roadhouse from their days labour, and after paying Bog extra coin to keep your horses for a few days, it was decided to see where the tunnel led late that night. The roadhouse was quiet except for the warbling rattle of snoring men, and you all made your way into the warehouse, where Kastos picked the lock, opened the door, and came face to face with three large lizardmen who were in the process of transporting crates into the tunnel beneath Carnath Roadhouse.

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