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Kastos the rogue
So i joined an online group on fantasy grounds a couple months ago & its going great I'm playing as the Dragonborn rogue Kastos. He's a bronze scaled runt of the clutch ;standing 5'9" & weighing in at a measly 160 lbs, presumed abandoned by his family(but maybe not) while they traveled through Luskan. He had an encounter when he was around 16 where he ended up in a fight with a competing pickpocket leaving the young human dead in an alley. He was tracked down a few weeks later by the boys father who ran a small network of thieves & demanded he repay him for the loss of revenue; completely callous to the fact it was his son. He spent his time learning what he could as a pickpocket but never quite excelled like the others & took to the more physical jobs the larger guilds dispensed to the lowest levels. Wanting to prove himself as capable a killer as the hulking brute you would instinctively fear in a dark alley. What he would give to become the most feared blade among thieves is a question he asks himself. Being a hired blade though he only takes jobs where the target is capable of defending themselves, he is not a merciless killer.

With that back story though throughout the Homebrew campaign i joined I started with them while they were midway through the Lost Mines of Phandelver as a captive of the Red cloaks & we got through that fairly easy & now were running through the HoTDQ storyline & its been pretty fun, we had a fight that turned into a meat grinder for the bad guys in greenest & lost a couple horses to a dragon while they were tied in the woods(so reminiscent now of when VM left their horses for the harpies lol). But probably the coolest thing thats happened in my mind thusfar is that while we were in the raiders camp i was able to begin training my own Guard drake xD so pumped. The DM said the only reason i even had a shot at it was because i'm a dragonborn speaking to them in draconic & they were nearing the end of their training, if any of the other characters had tried it;even speaking draconic; they would have failed. I'm not quite sure if its a boy or a girl yet but either way its name is Sutrinus, which means boss in draconic. I'll have updates if anyones interested how this turns out as it could still go pear shaped.

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