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Dealing with aggressive players
I'm not a very good role-player myself, sorry to say. I'm a lot more comfortable creating NPC's than a PC. It should be just as easy, as the process is the same. But there's something about how much of yourself you put into a PC that creates the difference.

The best advice I can give I think is to not let what happens to your character effect you too much. If another player or an NPC insults or hurts your character, don't take it personally. Try and detach yourself a little and think how your character will react to that, not how you will react. I know it's a hard thing to do, because you care about the character you've made.

Anticipating roleplaying moments can help. For example, you know the Barbarian in your group is violent and loud. Have a think about what your character would do next time he became violent in a public place, or tries to steal something from another party member ect. Having a rough outline of how your character will react will hopefully add some confidence to your roleplaying in the heat of the moment.

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