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Dealing with aggressive players
Hey Bboy207, sorry to hear about your situation. It's a real shame when others, usually unknowingly, spoil the experience for others. It should be the DM's job to try and keep all the players happy. I know it's easy for someone on the outside to say "talk to them", without fully knowing the situation. Only you know if that will help or not.

Either way knocking out a newly introduced character is not the way a game should go. The very basic rules of creating a character in a non evil campaign is to:
1)Be ready to go on an adventure.
2)Be ready to be part of a team

Without knowing the personality of all involved this advice might be useless, but you have to make the decision to deal with this either in-game or out of game. If you decide to talk to the person, make sure to do it away from the rest of the group in a relaxed setting. If you want to do it in-game prepare beforehand. Try to anticipate the conflict, and have some role-playing material handy. If you go for the in-game option, be prepared for things to go wrong on the roll of a die.

I hope things get sorted soon mate. Hopefully your DM will be able to focus more on the party as he gains more experience. (A DM I know dealt with a loot hungry player by introducing a cursed item. Specifically a Ring of Fatal Attraction, that redirected all projectiles thrown/shot at the party towards him)

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