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D&D 5E One-Shot Open for PCs
I have created a one-shot D&D 5E adventure and would like to run it online for a few different groups of players.  The adventure is designed for 4-5 3rd level characters.

I am on Pacific Time, and I plan to run the sessions on Saturdays, late-morning or early afternoon, using Roll20.

Fair warning: I haven't used Roll20 for a full game yet, so I anticipate a few hiccups in the first few sessions.  My goal is to get more proficient with it and create the tweaks that I like for my game. Once these sessions are done, given enough time, I will likely run a longer-term campaign in the same world (custom).

I have created 5 pre-made characters - pretty standard fare - to make things easier to setup and run. So no extra work required from the players. But if you have a 3rd level character that you love, I may allow it. Or not.

So without further ado, please let me know if you are interested in playing.  I would like to know the following: name (nickname, username, etc. is fine), age, gender, previous experience playing RPGs (which ones), top 3 favorite elements in a game (from the ones below):
  • Fantasy (losing yourself in an imaginary world)
  • Narrative (a well-told story)
  • Challenge (obstacles to overcome, foes to defeat)
  • Fellowship (social interaction and cooperation)
  • Discovery (explore and learn new things)
  • Expression (say something about who you are and what you believe)
  • Abnegation (turn off your brain, kick doors, kill orcs)
Technical requirements: machine able to run Roll20, stable broadband/FiOS internet connection with enough speed for video chat with 5 other people.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming.


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