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Homebrew Nightblade - Bboy207 - 07-16-2016

Hello I am rolling a new PC soon and he was going to be a rogue but another guy in the party called  it first, but the DM said I could still be a rogue if I want however I am unsure. I don't want to steal the other players thunder. So I was looking around and I found this nightblade homebrew and I am thinking about going with that, but I am trying to decide between that or just an homebrew nightblade rogue subclass.

Edit: it is a shame but My DM told me to go with a different class so I went to a blood hunter profanse soul subclass so I could still get that deadly combat mixed with dark magic

RE: Homebrew Nightblade - DaggerDaggerDagger - 07-17-2016

The nightblade looks really fun Bboy, if you go for it let me know how it plays out in the group coz I wouldn't mind giving it a try. This is only my opinion, and it depends a lot on what type of game your DM runs, but I have never seen a problem with two players choosing the same class before. If you know your Dm likes to run a more combat oriented game then party balance is important but not essential.

If you're worried about stepping on your friends toes, why not have a chat with him and see how he feels about it? Maybe having a tied backstory will enhance the game for both of you, and add depth to your DM's story.

Whatever you choose, I hope you have a fun game :-)

RE: Homebrew Nightblade - Bboy207 - 07-17-2016

yea I liked the nightblade class a lot I think was apprehensive because I got hyped to play a rogue and being able to sneak attack for solid damage, but in the end I think illusions and spells will be more fun plus it fits the character more