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Full Version: Dungeon Mapping
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I know there are some DM's here that aren't great with photoshop, and the like. There are a few really nice resources available for making dungeon maps. 
My personal favorite is

It takes a bit to get used to, but it's very nice for creating maps. Plus it has a huge selection of pre-made maps, to get inspiration, or to use if it fits your needs. Save it as a PNG, and throw it in Roll20, I believe you can save it in PDF format as well. I hope this helps! Grinning
oh wow what a neat tool! thanks for the link. 
There is a another map tool that i like to use called Hexographer available for download. You can make hex maps for your campaign. Its really useful for mapping out terrain and your world. Kinda like the game Civilization. While you can buy it, I find that the free version is still really great. You can place different terrain tiles, icons, and (my favorite feature) make certain things you place visible to the DM only. So, I really recommend this software!

Here is a link: