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Hey everyone!

So I wanted to share a way to create really nice World Maps. This works very well for those that don't have something like photoshop to create stuff in.

Inkarnate is a very nice site that is still in the Beta stage of development, but it is already pretty impressive. I actually used this instead of photoshop to create the world map for Valendor. You can create pretty detailed world maps very easily using this.

If anyone would like some tips and tricks on creating realistic looking maps using Inkarnate please let me know and I can post some tutorial type posts.

In the meantime sign up and get creating! I hope this adds to your DM toolbox.
oh nice! I was just looking for something like this!
Mental! You beat me by two hours. I was just logging on to type this up. Well done, good sir. Grinning
I really want to thank you for this find Smiling It was exactly what i was looking for! I was hand drawing a map earlier and was googling differnt places but didnt see anything. Luckly i saw your post and presto! magico!
Haha, sorry about that OMGitzGnaR.

I normally use photoshop for most of my design stuff, but Inkarnate is pretty amazing for anyone to use. Especially if you don't have access to photoshop. It is also very simple to pick up and learn.

Again if anyone has interest in tips or tutorials I would be happy to take a swing at it down the road.

In the meantime I would love to see the creations everyone comes up with!
Very useful tool, much obliged.
For reference (and a bit of showing off / advertisement) - here's a rough map I made for the world I'm building.


[Image: 20ixpv8.jpg]
New map edited into the post above that's way less awful. Yay me!
Awesome. The coastlines look a lot better.