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Full Version: Warlock Spells
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I'm building a level 3 warlock character for an upcoming one-shot, and I'm not certain I understand how spells work for warlocks. Can anyone help me out?

I think the way it works is that I have 2 cantrips which I can use as often as I'd like. I then have 4 learned spells, at least 2 of which must be level 1, and up to 2 of which may be level 2. I then have only 2 spell slots for casting, both of which are level 2 slots (which means that any level 1 spells I cast that have growing effect at level 2 slots are treated as level 2). I get my spells back after a short rest, rather than a long rest.

Is this accurate? Am I misunderstanding anything? Thanks!
That all looks correct to me, seems like you have it down pretty well. You also get your invocations.
I have a level 3 warlock & that all looks right to me, quadz08. We had a campaign "restart" and she used to be a wizard; I struggled a bit with the reduction in spell slots & known spells, but I'm getting used to it now. And yes, don't forget to add your two Eldtritch Invocations & Pact Boon! Winking
Thanks guys! Smiling Looking forward to playing her in the one-off tonight.
Your character is a bad ass!