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Full Version: One Shot Weekly: A Proposition
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Hey everyone! I'm Ryan.

If you all are like me, watching Critical Role led to you playing your first table-top RPG. Last week I played D&D for the first (and second) time at a local game shop that was hosting some league nights. It was fun, but super heavy on encounters and didn't leave any room for the players to roleplay. That's why I'm here, because I think you all appreciate the theatrics of roleplaying as much as the numbers.

So here's my proposition: I think it would be awesome if every week a group of 4-8 met on roll20 to play a casual one-shot game with the role of DM rotating every time. As long as we had at least 4 people willing to DM, I think that would be enough to keep from overwhelming any one individual. 

One Shot Weekly will be great for...

... players who want to casually "date" other DMs and players to see if your roleplaying styles mesh.
... DMs to feel free to try a wacky concept.
... players who want a break from their character and try out a wacky concept.
... noobs (like me) to dip their toes into DMing without having to sustain a long-term campaign.
... DMs who want a break from DMing but don't have the time to commit to an ongoing series.

Speaking for myself, this kind of thing would be a perfect way to figure out what kind of games I like to play, who I like to play as, and who I like to play with in a casual, low pressure environment. Hopefully you all feel the same way!

EDIT: ( 03/01/16)
For people just reading this post for the first time, I personally don't have time for this. I'm already in two regular games and I'm running my own campaign. You can run with this idea, but just understand by its very nature there is no centralized authority, no one person running it, so you'll have to take initiative to get it going. Good gaming everyone!
I LOVE this idea! Fangirl I'm sure that there are plenty of other Critters who'd be dying to get in on something like this! The only possible hindrance I could see is that there never seems to be enough DMs to go around. *sighs*
This sounds pretty fun. A lot of work involved I would think, but if it was done right it could be interesting.
I would be totally interested in this. Would have to agree about never enough DMs....but like the idea of dating other players to see if the styles mesh....
I think the hard part would be wanting to continue with some of the really good stories instead of getting rid of them each week.
The scarcity of DMs is certainly an issue. I hope that the casual nature of it might draw out some DMs who want a break from all the intricacies of an epic campaign and run a single session of fantasy hunger games or a bank robbery. And if initially there is only 1 volunteer DM, then One Shot Weekly can just be every 4 weeks and the name can just be an in-joke between us. But my hope is that this could become a training ground for new DMs, for the people who've never DMed before in their life but are interested in giving it a shot. And that the players will be supportive and encouraging to the new (and experienced) DMs.
I would love to help out any way I can. My schedule is a tad full right now game wise. However if someone wanted help setting up their one shot or had some questions that were DM related I would gladly lend a hand. Please keep me in the loop about this.
Thanks for the offer, mentalburnout! 

Ok, so I was reading this strip the other day, and it made me think of One Shot Weekly.

[Image: 1457335027e60133fee0005056a9545d]

So I'm going put my internet money where my mouth is and get the ball rolling and DM the first One Shot. I already know what I want to do, but I'm going to take a couple weeks to read the DM starter guide, plan out the "dungeon", and familiarize myself with how to use roll20. I'll make a separate sign up thread when I'm ready to have people create characters.

Stay tuned!

Suggestion to admins: it might be nice if this forum had a separate channel for DMs where we could discuss our campaigns and give and receive advice and inspiration. Not password protected or anything, just kept separate, where players would know not to go there unless they want to risk being spoiled. I suppose this could happen over group PMs, but it would be easier to follow the conversation if it was a thread.
Sounds awesome. I like the DM thread idea. If you need roll20 help let me know. I've got a bit of experience.
Id be interested in possibly trying to DM something for you! I just heard about Roll20 so im currently looking into that. Let me know!
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