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RPoL (RolePlay onLine) is a free to use site that has Play-by-Post (PbP) gaming in mind. It has many useful features that help to accommodate the play by post format. 
  • Each game is its own forum which can be separated into groups for whatever purposes serve the DM's needs. For example, the DM can create a public group of threads, but also put players into separate groups for things like splitting up the party or having multiple story arcs at once with different groups of players.
  • Posts can be formatted with many features including bold, underline, italics, colour, lists, tables, and much more. Private lines can also be embedded in posts so that notes or messages are passed along to whomever is desired, which comes in handy when conveying the result of rolls to the DM or using telepathy.
  • Players can add biographies, portraits and descriptions to their character. Characters and npcs are added to the cast list which is easily accessible.
  • DMs have an entire menu of options at their disposal to create, modify and edit content, characters and player access.
  • Last but not least, the die roller is a great tool that can be used with every game, and there are a number of systems that are supported. Players can specify what the roll is for and add modifiers if necessary, and the die roller keeps track of all the rolls.
I haven't played any games on this site lately, but I've played a handful of games in the past and they've been a lot of fun. In my experience, this is a solid site for PbP rpgs that has a lot of useful tools and features that help players and DMs tell their stories together.