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Full Version: Golden Sky Stories
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Alright, time to breathe some life into this board!

I recently acquired quite a few new books because I love collecting systems that I'll never get a chance to play. One of them - and currently one of my favorites - is Golden Sky Stories. Think about all the D&D campaigns you've ever run, played, or heard about. Think about all the badass fights, daring adventures, and world-spanning journeys to save all existence from the forces of darkness.

Now imagine the exact opposite.

GSS is an almost completely nonviolent game. In fact, in one of the sample stories in a supplemental PDF, they mention that even having verbal bullies is almost too hardcore for the system. There are rules for getting into a scuffle with other people, but you almost never benefit from it in the long term. GSS is a game where you talk about your feelings and help make people happy. It's the cutest, most heartwarming little thing and I absolutely love it.

The players all control henge (pronounced hen-gay, not like Stonehenge), who are animals that can for some reason transform into human forms and have special powers. They can range from a few months to hundreds of years old as animals, but as humans they all appear to be teens or younger. You all live in or near a rural town in Japan, and stories are all meant to be small interpersonal conflicts that can be resolved in a few in-game days, taking only a few hours of gametime tops.

Unfortunately, it's not a free book, so I can't pass it around to interested people, but the PDF is 10 US dollars so it's not a bank breaker. Personally, I think it's a great looking system, especially since a lot of people aren't that great at getting into roleplaying when they have the option of just burying an axe into someone's skull. A nonviolent system forces you to be a diplomancer if you want to succeed, and the fact that the stories are all short and typically only include 2-3 NPCs make it easier to fall into your roles since you aren't trying to keep track of months worth of information and characters.

So, anyone here have this game? I doubt many people in my group would be very interested in it, so if I wanna play I'm gonna have to find other people to do so with.