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Full Version: Adventurers Wanted! Job Board
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So I've introduced a job board in my campaign and need it populated - and, I figure, others probably could use the same thing!

So, this is a thread for DMs to post one-line 'Help Wanted' ads for heroes that you, and others, can use as a jumping off point for an adventure or a side quest for your heroes in game.

One liners are all that's needed, for instance:

Heroes Wanted: Marsh Ogres terrorizing farms

Including that one, here are a few from me.

Heroes Wanted: Marsh Ogres terrorizing farms
Help Wanted: Run down Tavern needs repairs
Help Wanted: Now hiring Caravan Guards; inquire with Horace.
Heroes Wanted: Merrow sighted in local pond.
Help Wanted: Alchemist in need of assistants.
Heroes Wanted: Constable turned into sheep, Rogue Wizard wanted in connection.
Heroes Wanted: The Town of Sothron has Disapppeared
This will be useful thanks. If we put our minds together maybe we could make a DM guide style table to roll for random help wanted ads? I'm thinking three d20 columns, patron, scenario and location maybe?

A very rough example with many flaws. HELP WANTED! Local (Patron) needs (Scenario) to/at/near (Location).

Patron (d6):

Scenario (d6):
Finding someone/something

Location (d6):
Abandoned structure/settlement
Nearby village
I find that creating a table like that, while making it easier for some folks, also tends to limit yourself because you can't factor in every variable available. For instance, help rebuild our tavern after it got ransacked by bandits.

As well, sometimes job boards will have mundane things like that which offer interesting non-combat character building opportunities. Just imagine how many shenanigans Vox Machina would get into trying to rebuild things they've broken as skill challenges.

That being said, I'm not against folks using this to create a random table, but I'd also like people to freehand some too.