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Full Version: Feedback Wanted on Magic Item [Eberron]
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Hey people!  So I've been DM'ing a 5E Eberron game for a little while now and I am presenting my players with their first homebrewed magical item.  The purpose of the magical item (discovered in the midst of another adventure) is to put the group firmly within the plots (and crosshairs) of several different groups, as you'll see below.  It ties into the Blood of Vol and the Prophecy, with the possibility for some House Karrnath interaction as well.

My question is that, having never homebrewed a magical item in 5E before, I don't know how unbalanced this is (I assume anywhere from "not too terrible" to "ridiculous").  I looked at several sentient magical items by comparison and tried to fit it in with them a bit in terms of scope; it has a lot of powers but most of them have the potentially narrow focus of working on undead.

Any feedback you could give would be appreciated (including regarding the item's history, if you're familiar with Eberron).  Thanks!

Wand, legendary (requires attunement)

Batraxinor (or Batrax, as it is sometimes colloquially called) is a wand with 7 charges.  It was created in Aerenal by a member of the House of Vol during the early days of that dragonmarked house's fall.  Its creator was none other than Minara Vol, the matriarch of the house, 2,600 years before 1 YK.  The creation required the sacrifice of a powerful entity, whose mind would become the template for the intellect that lay inside.  The hope was that the use of a dragon (the great black wyrm Batraxinor) would be another cog in House Vol's plan for elves and dragons to stop their ancient war.  Unfortunately, the Minara's secret liason with the Emerald Claw was uncovered soon after and the house was wiped out.  Batraxinor's identity was lost to time at that point.

The Blood of Vol hears rumors of Batraxinor surface from time to time, and Lady Vol is desperate to acquire it.  Upon any rumors of its existance, she will send members of the Emerald Claw to investigate and retrieve the item.  King Kaius III of Karrnath is also very interested in acquiring the item for its necromantic properties, and the dragons of Eberron believe it to be an important part of the Prophecy.  They would very much like to see it in their hands, as the life force of a dragon entrapped in an elven magical item is an abomination -- but, as part of the Prophecy, one that must be studied before determining if it is to be destroyed.

The purpose of Batraxinor was to allow for the extermination of undead.  To this end, the wand wields draconic magic through the filter of House Vol necromancy.  In order to attune, the wand requires some of the wielder's life essence; holding the wand when it is unattuned causes a blight spell to be cast.  Should the wielder survive, the item is then attuned to them.  When attuned to someone, the item cannot be voluntarily unattuned; treat it as if it is cursed for purposes of removing attunement.

Batraxinor regains 1d6+1 expended charges daily at dusk.  Unlike most wands, it does not have a chance to crumble into ash after the last charge is expended; instead, when the final charge is expended it draws a bit more life essence from its wielder (1d10 necrotic damage) to save itself, then falls dormant until it regains its next charge.

Vampiric Touch. While holding the wand, you can use 1 charges to cast the 3rd-level version of *vampiric touch.*

Control Undead. While holding the wand, you can use 2 charges and channel the wand's innate magic to control undead.  Treat this like a Turn Undead ability, except that any creatures who fail the saving throw are compelled to obey your command.

Destroy Undead. While holding the wand, you can use 4 charges to use the fifth-level version of the cleric ability Destroy Undead.

Sentience.  Batraxinor is a sentient neutral evil wand with an Intelligence of 13, a Wisdom of 16 and a Charisma of 15.  It has hearing and normal vision out to 60 feet.

The weapon can speak, understand and read Common, Draconic and Elven, and can communicate with its wielder telepathically.  It's voice is soft and androgynous, with a slight lilt toward being feminine.

Personality. While it is evilly-aligned, Batraxinor's purpose is one that many would view in a positive manner -- the eradication of negatively-powered undead.  However, the infusion of dark necromantic energies used to create it left a permanent stain on the item.  It is ever-pleasant and polite to its wielder, particularly if that wielder is of elven or draconic blood.  It will always urge its wielder into go into combat with undead at any opportunity -- including the elves of the Undying Court.  If the wielder does not, a conflict check must be immediately rolled.
This seems a well thought out plot item. I like the combination of positive and negative traits, and should be an exiting item to find. If you're looking to make this item a focal point of your story and it's sentient, why not give the item a more focused objective? I like that you have given it a strong personality that can influence it's wielder, but if it is working for the benefit of one of the factions directly it could possibly add some spice to your campaign.

Some other ideas off the top of my head include:

Have it react or warn it's wielder when undead are near (e.g. Sting)
Have the wielder make a small adjustment to their alignment or flaw, creating an interesting roleplaying element which the rest of the party hopefully notice.
Have the item grant spells in exchange for help with it's own agenda.
At key social encounters have the item try to exert influence over it's wielder, allowing you as the DM to further one of the factions plans/it's own plans through the player.
Give the item knowledge of plot points that can be gained through conversing with it.
Instead of nacrotic damage when charges are expended, slightly increase the DC to resist it's influence at key moments.
Every use of the item actually increases the difficulty of a "boss" fight later on, maybe linked in some way to one of the factions.

Overall it seems already balanced for a party of fairly high level players. If it seems to be breaking the game some how you could just gradually introduce another negative trait to help balance it. Maybe by tying how powerful it is to which faction is currently more influential, or which events the party has set in motion/disrupted/stopped, you can keep in control on how balanced it is?
Awesome, thanks for the feedback!