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Full Version: 6 panel comic idea. Can't draw.
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Panel one: Mercer's face is seen, in the sky and god-like, expression serious and expectant and possibly child-like, above Emon and Vox Machina as four dragons are seen in the the distance. 

Panel two: Emon burns, freezes, etc. Vox Machina stands and fights. 

Panel three: Vox Machina flees as the dragons laugh, Mercer's face either laughs with them or is in obvious glee.

Panel four: Gilmore stands and fights. 

Panel five: Gilmore lays mortally wounded. Mercer's face suddenly looks worried and honestly grief stricken. 

Panel six: Close up of Gilmore who's apparently been wearing a mask, as it's fallen off, revealing, of course, Mercer's face.