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Full Version: May Campaign for New Players (and old)
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Hi, my name is Laurence and I'm 26. This is a repeat of the post in the eastern timezone thread. I have some time off planned for the second half of May, and I thought this would be a perfect time to start a few campaigns. These won't be long term (only from level 1-5 or round about), but are designed to hopefully create play groups that can continue on into more incredible adventures in the future.

I will hopefully be able to run two or three campaigns (entirely dependant on interest) between 16th and 29th of May. Each campaign should take between 4-6 sessions, with each session lasting around 4-6 hours. This can be adjusted if there's enough interest in a shorter game time. Each campaign has 6 spaces, but can run with 3 and above. I will be using 5th edition rules, and will be playing over Skype.

The campaigns themselves will be a mix of combat and roleplaying, full acting qualifications needed. All players need to sign a document promising you won't laugh at my attempt to portray an authority figure. In all seriousness I hope this will be a laid back introduction to Dungeons and Dragons. 

I will not be able to carry on these campaigns after my time off, but my hope is that the play groups formed might be able to continue afterwards. This is mainly aimed at those who have never played before, but all are welcome. It also helps to have a few experienced ones to help and guide new players.

Please post interest below, including days and times you think you can be free (long way ahead I know) and your timezone. Thanks for your time.
never played before but id be up for it, at the moment im only able to play Fridays and Saturdays all day (but would like to keep it between at like 10am and 12am CST) but im off on those days so it doesn't really matter as much.
This is exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for. Unfortunately I'm not free until May 30th, at which time I'd be free daily (weekdays only) during the day, approximately 8 AM - 4 PM through June and July. (Teacher.)
Wednesday and Thursday nights work best for me after 4:00pm Central
I'd love to join. Currently Friday evenings (6:00pm CST) or so would be best for me.
I'd love to join if you got room. I can currently only play friday and saturday evenings.

lol i just realized I've already posted in this thread...
So were approaching May and I thought it was about time I got this thing rolling. Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest so far. Can I ask everyone who wishes to play reply in this thread using the following layout.

Times Available: Please list all possible days/times (including timezone) you are available, in order of preference, first being your most ideal. 

Preferred Class(es): 

Preferred Game Style: My games usually contain equal amounts of combat and social encounters. If there's enough interest in a more focused game I would be happy to accommodate it.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss anything please PM me. If there are enough players for a game I will message all concerned so we can pin a date down for a session 0, and start working on backstories (my favourite part!).
Times Available: Every evening except for sundays and thursdays (CDT)

Preferred Class(es): well, i have close to 20 characters created that i could play (i may have a problem) but most of em are fighters, paladins, monks, or rangers.

Preferred Game Style: I think i like an equal amount of both though im not very experienced with RP (or playing at all really) but as long as its a good story it doesnt matter to me.
This sounds pretty awesome and I would love to join if you'll have me! I actually joined the forum just to reply! Grinning

Times Available: Wednesday - Sunday, anytime, preferably evenings (6 pm or later EST), however I am pretty flexible as I am on summer break.

Preferred Class(es): Monk or Ranger but I'm willing to play whatever you think would fit with the campaign or whatever is needed within the group.

Preferred Game Style: I'd like a little bit of both. I'm new to playing D&D but I've watched other people play and I believe in having a healthy balance of both Social and Combat encounters would be good to have especially for new players but shifting that balance throughout the campaign later on would be fun too.
Times Available:
1. Saturday early morning (9-11am PST)
2. Saturday evening (lasting no later than 10 or 11pm PST)
3. Friday evening (lasting no longer than 10 or 11pm PST)
4. Monday evening (lasting no longer than 10pm PST)
5. Sunday afternoon (between 1-7pm PST)

Preferred Class(es): Bard, rogue, wizard/mage, - willing to fill in a group with a different class if neeed, but I know the previous classes best.

Preferred Game Style: I like working through social encounters more than battles, but I'm learning to like them if they also have some elements of RP throughout and if we can all have fun during all encounters. This includes battles, etc and just trying to make a cohesive story and something interesting and engaging Smiling
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