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Full Version: Winters Crest Activities
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Ladies and Gents, 

I need some help, after watching the Winter's Crest episode, I'd like to do one myself (we are going to do a New Years Festival) I really like the idea of the players playing games. I've re-watched th episode and have taken notes on the arm wrestling (opposed strength rolls) and the Pie Eating (Constitution Saving rolls, with the DC going up each round) But I'm out of ideas for any any further games. Does anybody have any suggestions? or 'Trials' you've run in your sessions? 


Hope these give you some ideas :-)
1. Strength test - Make sure to describe some attractive members of the opposite sex watching keenly as a player steps up and grabs the hammer. Then be prepared to play up whatever the player makes on the athletics check. Let them swoon or laugh, mock even if you think the player won't be offended. Maybe have a strongman/women around who asks players to compete for gold?
2. Coconut stand - The players make ranged attacks against the targets (give bow users advantage or allow them to add proficiency). Maybe have a high record for number of coconuts smashed in a certain amount of time. If a player scores perticularly high on the check you give them, make the ball go through the hey bails behind and cause some mayhem of your choice.
3. Have the party overhear someone frantically looking for a replacement performer (knife thrower/apple holder kind of thing) as the one they have is stinking drunk. Offer gold if party seem reluctant to bite. Then big up the whole event by dragging the player into a huge tent with a massive crowd, get drums rolling and a fanfare going before making them roll.
4. Wrestling/ fencing/ jousting comp - Make a small 4-round tournament roster with some interesting skilled NPC's. I don't know how long your campaign's been running but it's a good place to add in old NPC's that the players haven't seen in a while, good or bad.
I've come up with the following.

Cheese rolling. People chase a wheel of cheese down a hill. The dexterity checks go from 5-10-15-20, at which time they can make a DC 20 acrobatics check to catch the cheese.

Archery competition. The target begins at 100' with AC 10. 10 points for bulls eye (5 points above AC), 5 for 10-14, 1 for 6-9 (5 points lower than AC is flat out miss. Target increases to 150' and AC 15 in round 2, and 200' (disadvantage unless sharpshooter) and AC 20 in final round. Most points wins, or bracket style.

Caber toss. Strength check 10 to lift, constitution check 10 to walk (walks number of feet equal to roll), alternate strength/constitution and increase DC by 5 until a failure, when they roll an athletics check to throw distance equal to roll. Add total distance walked and thrown.

I was thinking of jousting, too, which can be as simple as attacks with a lance and animal handling checks to remain seated.
You guys are awesome!