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Full Version: Player Character Seeking Game **NO LONGER LOOKING**
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Hey everyone!

I have very limited experience with D&D - I was initially introduced to it back in high school by a friend who ended up DMing a 3e campaign (and playing a PC) for my brother and I, though it didn't last very long at all. Since then my only other experience has been an online 3.5e Pathfinder campaign with some gaming friends online, though sadly that one also only lasted a couple sessions because of people's schedules. D&D has always been nestled quietly at the back of my mind, but since watching Critical Role and seeing how the game was really meant to be played I've had a painful craving to get in on a campaign. 

I am specifically looking for a group to play DnD 5e. The type of group that I'd be looking to join is one that follows the same basic philosophy that the CR group follows. Obviously I understand that we're not professional actors and that's not what I'm expecting out of my prospective group because trust me, I'm right there with you. When I say their "basic philosophy" I mostly just mean an overall relaxed-but-immersed atmosphere, and the style of game that they play. For example, I'd like something that strikes a nice balance between combat and problem-solving and roleplay - I'm not so much looking for a video-gamey experience of moving from battle to battle. I also have no preference over joining a premade VS homebrew campaign, though I will say that I give bonus points to a campaign that can integrate its PCs' backstories. I love creating characters, and if my character's backstory can prompt an arc in the campaign like what's happened in CR then that would be very appealing to me to say the least! More bonus points awarded for a "How Do You Want To Do This" mechanic, because frankly it's genius. Finally, I am also seeking a group that is looking to stick together for an entire campaign.

As for scheduling, I live on the east coast of Canada and so my timezone falls neatly in EST. I am currently unemployed so my schedule is completely open, HOWEVER, in the spirit of trying to offer something sustainable for when I do find work...
MONDAYS-WEDNESDAYS: Earlier than 6:00pm EST start would be risky, and ending later than 12:00am EST on a regular basis would be tough.
THURSDAYS: Ideally Thursdays would be off-limits, because Critical Role. I'm sure I'm not alone here so hopefully that won't be an issue.
FRIDAYS: Earlier than 6:00pm EST start would be risky, but I could go as late as necessary.
SATURDAYS: Ideally Saturdays would be off-limits, just to give myself at least one free day a week to be social offline. This is negotiable if necessary.
SUNDAYS: Ideally Sundays wouldn't go later than 9:00pm EST because HBO. I'm sure I'm not alone here either.

Am willing to play with people from different timezones provided my above schedule works for them.

Honestly I'm willing to play just about anything. I have at least a basic character concept in my head for every job - some more fleshed out than others (did I mention I enjoy creating characters?). Obviously I have my own preferences but I'm likely to be the last to choose what I play, based on what niche needs filling by the time everyone else has chosen theirs.

I'm willing to use whatever means of communication the rest of my future group is game for. I currently have Skype, Teamspeak, and Discord at my disposal and am willing to download anything else if necessary. I also of course already own a webcam and headset. I also have an account with Roll20, but haven't had the opportunity to use it in a couple years, so there may be some learning curve involved at first. D:

One last quick thing that I wanted to add about myself... I'm not generally the most talkative guy around so, paired up with my lack of RP experience it might take a little bit for me to really find my stride in the group. All I ask is for a bit of patience as that happens. That said, I am willing to stream! I just can't promise that I'll be the most entertaining person to watch until I do find that stride.

Please note that I will edit this thread to specify once I have found a group, so if you're looking for players and my thread does NOT specify that I'm taken, please feel free to contact me!


UPDATE: I managed to get invited into a game. As such, I am no longer looking to join a campaign.