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Full Version: Things you've learnt from watching Critical Role
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Just for fun, I thought I'd start a thread where people can post things they've learnt as a result of watching Critical Role.

To get the ball rolling, I'll start.  Was just re watching the Winter's Crest episode, and got to the part where they were discussing what Vax was going to do with all the cloaks he's collected and they joked that he's going to open a shop to sell them.  At first I thought it'd be a haberdashery, but when I checked Wikipedia, it looked like that wouldn't be quite right.  However there was a related term used for the name for a cloth merchant - a Mercer!
I learned that making pacts with mysterious otherworldly entities is a Bad Idea, GROG.
I learned that watching the show has helped a lot with my depression. That, and I kept wondering why the hell I never tried getting into D&D sooner.
I learnt the there are good people on the internet. Thank you critters.