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Full Version: Favorite VM PC?
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Who's your favorite member of VM? Tell us why! I AM CURIOUS, DAMMIT.
I picked Percy. Among the people I rp with, I'm the one that people always point to whenever somebody says, "Who's going to play the broken/wounded/emotionally wrecked one?" and Percy definitely ticks all those boxes for me. I also really, really love that Percy was created as a way to explore what it would be like to be the guy who made the first gun. There's a lot of really meaty roleplay potential there, especially if Matt doesn't pull punches with the potential consequences.
Scanlan. He is the most level headed when it matters, has started to come into his own as the party's main arcane spellcaster and is a quick thinker.

Grog comes second.
My vote is for Keyleth - she's the most morally interesting of the group, has found herself practically a lone voice of moderation without Pike around. Not to mention that her social awkwardness is pretty funny a lot of the time!
Keyleth's definitely close on Percy's heels on my list of favorites for exactly those same reasons. Grog is probably my third, for no other reason than the sheer, unmitigated glee Travis puts into that roleplay.
Note: This is a rather in-depth analysis of Keyleth because I think it needs to be said. Keep in mind that it's merely my opinion based on what I've witnessed as the campaign progressed because I'm not sure what has happened to the character beforehand or what Marisha Ray has written about the character. That being said, please understand that I wanted to voice my thought on this.

Overall, my favorite is also Lady Keyleth. She is a surprisingly complicated character due to her background and the choices she's made over the past year or so that she's traveled with Vox Machina. Same with her player, Marisha Ray.

The way I see it, Keyleth is constantly conflicted with a lot of things, which fits with her Neutral Good alignment. She mostly follows the group but is not afraid to point out when they're about to go over the edge of morality. That being said, she finds herself in situations where it's either kill or be killed. And there's the trauma she suffered as a result of accidentally killing a child who was being held prisoner by a Dread Emperor. It turned out that the incident also interfered with her personal quest in that she couldn't focus and her will to survive and do what was necessary became shaky to the point of indecisiveness. That being said, when the chips are down and she has no choice, she will defend herself. Violently, if necessary. And she even feels the guilt of the things she has done that have resulted in the deaths of other people, as shown in the Whitestone arc and even a duergar that she pushed into a magma pool, and that she knows full well that she has blood on her hands that won't disappear and that she doesn't want any more guilt on her conscience. And even in the face of doubt, she firmly believes that she must do what she feels is right, which was again shown during the rebellion in Whitestone.

As for her actions against Lady Kima in the Underdark, she stated in her own words that "only a fool believes that his path is the most virtuous". That makes me believe she has a prejudice against those who have murdered and said that they did what they did was because their gods told them to do it. That and, being a druid, she follows no deities and deeply distrusts those of the faith due to that, except for those who have earned her trust like Pike. There's also the fact that at the time, Kima was a loose cannon due to her extensive torture and seething hatred towards the duergar and the illithid, something that has caused the party a few problems in Emberhold. So I think Keyleth did the right thing in calling her out on her arrogance, her holier-than-thou attitude, and her trying to take charge of everyone just to single-mindedly finish her quest. She was doing the same things that she no doubt did when she had her own team with her: recklessly diving into danger, and that got them killed or enthralled. Vox Machina was sent in to rescue her and then they were dragged into her dealings. And things did work out in the end because at the end of the day, Kima did finally earn her trust.

And there's also the friendships that she has with the rest of Vox Machina. She's very close to all of them, but she also is questioning their morality as things are currently taking a darker turn. She seems the closest to Percy and her fellow half-elves, and then there's her currently unknown feelings about Vax who had confessed his love to her. Whether she'll reciprocate or not remains to be seen, but I think even she knows that if she denies him and breaks his heart, Vex will never forgive her.

A complicated character with a genuine and sensitive heart of gold with plenty of things both good and bad that make her who she is and with believable flaws. That's Keyleth of the Air Ashari in a nutshell, according to what I've seen.
My favorite has to be Percy. At first it was Tibs, then Vax, but Percy reached my number one spot after the early episodes where we got to see more of his personality and the character in general. I have a thing for Broken Aces, and I like when stories take darker turns. Whitestone arc is doing that for me, and damn is it good!
(12-02-2015, 07:26 PM)Deuce Wrote: [ -> ]My favorite has to be Percy. At first it was Tibs, then Vax, but Percy reached my number one spot after the early episodes where we got to see more of his personality and the character in general. I have a thing for Broken Aces, and I like when stories take darker turns. Whitestone arc is doing that for me, and damn is it good!

I'd have to agree. Percy was playing the role of a Stepford Smiler more or less... until the news came about Silas and Delilah coming. That, and witnessing his usual restraint and quiet attitude crumble within Whitestone is definitely something to see.

Although, I also have a spot spot for the twins. Growing up as children of two worlds but belonging in neither, that's the curse of being half-elven. But Vax and Vex also had something else: the difference in status regarding their parents, one being a peasant and one being an ambassador. That, and the icy reception that they got at Singorn.

To me, Vax is definitely someone who values the lives of his friends and loved ones over his own. As such, he's willing to risk it all for their sake. We've seen this happen quite a few times. Not to mention his character development as time went on. At the start, he never really cared about religion, but as time passed, he's been having a change of heart, no doubt due to Pike's influence. Plus, his recent affection for Keyleth. Due to that, he has all the more reason to protect her as well as his sister.

As for Vex, growing up with a peasant mother would definitely make her want to save as much money as possible. That would explain why she's so very defensive about spending coin on anything. And there's her wanting to keep Vax to herself. He's her only real family left other than Trinket. She wouldn't be able to take it if he goes away due to falling in love with someone or if he ends up dead. "Crimson Diplomacy" and "Reunions" were clear proof of the latter. After all, the twins did everything together. Their split during the Slayer's Take mini-arc showed how strained they were without the other and to see them reunite after four days and near-death was very heartwarming.

Still, with Vax's confession towards Keyleth being a recent thing, who knows what will happen between the three half-elves? Will this cause all three of them to split and end up destroying what close relationships they have? Will this bring them closer to each other?

No one can say.

Yes, I think a lot about these things.
It's funny how people can view the characters so differently. It always amazes me how many people list Keyleth as their favourite. For me, personally, she could get killed and I wouldn't care less, other than feeling for the rest of the party. I don't know that I have one stand-out favourite, since I can't pick Matt.

But, let's try to list them in some sort of order.

Top to bottom:

I think I like them as a group better than the individual parts.

Pike and Grog. I might just like Pike more because I'm partial to clerics, she seems really sweet, but honestly she isn't around enough to be sure I like her best. And I love her relationship with Grog. I love Grog, he never fails to crack me up.

Scanlan - at first I found him off-putting, but he's grown on me. Other than his creepy stalker behaviour toward Pike, I like him a lot. I like how he can step up and be the voice of reason, or the intimidating presence when Grog fails at that!

Vex - Gotta love her haggling

Vax - He does the unexpected.

(some of the twinsy stuff is a bit creepy, cuz seriously, you're siblings not lovers)

Tiberius & Percy I like them, don't really have strong feelings about either character, although Percy is growing on me more. Maybe I find Dark Percy more interesting.

(12-03-2015, 02:24 PM)misstray Wrote: [ -> ]It's funny how people can view the characters so differently.  It always amazes me how many people list Keyleth as their favourite.  For me, personally, she could get killed and I wouldn't care less, other than feeling for the rest of the party.  I don't know that I have one stand-out favourite, since I can't pick Matt.  

I have similar feelings.  I find her personality very grating, especially the hypocrisy - there have been a few cases where she's taken glee in killing and then there are cases where she turns around and becomes all high and mighty towards NPCs who haven't particularly done anything wrong (eg anything to do with Kima).  Or when she was complaining about the delay needed for them to be able to take the Horn of Orcus to somewhere safe, but as soon as she was told that the two day wait meant that they got to shop at Gilmore's became all giggly and completely forgot about the wait.  I get that Marisha is trying to play her as having low Charisma, but she goes too far in my opinion.  I also find that explanation a tad confusing - maybe it's my lack of D&D experience, but isn't Charisma 10 (which is what is shown when her character sheet is shown on screen) is supposed to be average, so even if it's her dump stat or low compared to the others, surely it shouldn't be considered low and she shouldn't (backstory aside) be any less unpleasant than any random generic NPC they bump into on the street?

On topic though, I think my favourite has to be Percy because he has a pleasant personality and I'm enjoying his current story arc.  If you'd asked me when I first started watching my vote would have gone to Tiberius because I enjoyed his goofy personality, but as the series has gone on he's got crotchetier and Orion seemed to drop the voice more and more (might have been real life issues creeping in, bif so that's none of my business so I can only judge by what is on screen).  I d say that Grog is a close second to Percy, again for his personality Smiling

If we were voting for favourite player, then Matt wins hands down for me because of the versatility he shows (although to be fair to the others that's largely down to the circumstance of being DM rather than a player), and always makes the show fun and pleasant to watch.  Confusingly, I enjoy when he does the vocals/actions for creatures, but Marisha's attempts at the same thing feeds my distaste for her character :s