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Full Version: LFG!
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so im 36 years old dont have a camera or mike, i have a headset, im LOOKING FOR A D AND D game!!! always wanted to play a paladin or rogue as a player im been collecting the book for this game since i was 8 have ever single edition up to 4e, love teh power on the avenging paladin btw, awsome.   tried to get 5e books but there 160 bucks and i have no one to play them. family is too busy with kids and jobs.  sigh, im like pathfinder too hate the feat system haveign to buy power attack on a fighter for one feat point sould i combat option you can declare, buts pathfinder is a simple system in the power system in 4e made dnd complex and the 5e approached to give combat advantage and inspire if you roleplay you charater corrrectly was awsome.

I can play on roll20 email me back at

god bless gyrax